Hamlet Vocabulary

adders poisonous snakes
ambiguous vague, indefinite, indistinct
arrant no self-control
assail attack
auspicious promising success: favorable
baser lower in quality
beguile trick, enchant
canonized to consider holy or authoritative
carnal appetite and passions of the body, sensual
churlish ill mannered
claumnious slanderous, defaming
cleave split in two
conjure call up
contagion corruption
contrive plot; scheme
dirge a mournful song (funeral)
discretion good judgement
dole sorrow or pain
dumbstruck unable to speak because of amazement
emulate copy
epitomize symbolize, personify, embody
equivocation statement with two possible interpretations
filial pertaining to a son
folly foolishness
cermane relevant, useful
imminent forthcoming, pending
inexplicable baffling, enigmatic, incomprehendsible
insolence cheeky, audacity, disrespect
judicious using sound judgement
knave dishonest
libertine a person who is morally or sexually unrestrained
malice nasty, cruel, wicked
obsequious submissive, flattering
orisons prayers
paragon archetype, ideal, a shining example
pernicious perdition beseech
portentous fortelling, ominously significant
potent strong and effective
prodigal wastefully or recklessly extravagant
quintessence the most perfect embodiment or something
quip wise crack or retort, a clever remark
scourge plague, bane or blight
shroud cloth in which dead body is wrapped
stithy observe thoroughly
sullied soiled, stained, tarnished
superfluous unnecessary, surplus, excessive
treachery act or supreme disloyalty
truant idle, lazy, neglectful
umbrage displeasure and resentment
usurp seize what does not belong to one
visage face
vouch guarantee, assure