Hamlet Vocabulary

usurp to seize or exercise authority or possession wrongfully
martial warlike, relating to army or military life
bode foretell
mettle vigor and strength of spirit, stamina, courage
resolute bold, steady, marked by firm determination
portentous eliciting amazement or wonder, prodigious or ominous
auspicious affording a favorable appearance
impotent lacking in power, strength, or vigor
impious not showing respect or reverence
wax increase in size
besmirch stain, soil, tarnish
credence belief or acceptance of something being true or real
chary cautious
calumnious slanderous
dalliance to waste time
censure opinion, judgment
importune to press or urge with troublesome persistence, beg
beguile to trick or deceive
traduce condemned, to expose to shame or blame by misinterpretation or falsehood
pith central part, core
ponderous massive or of great size
sate satisfy, gorge
pernicious causing insidious harm or ruin, wicked
antic strange behavior, clownish extravagance, absurdity
wanton/wantonness hard to control, undisciplined, unruly
incontinent lacking self-control
sully to make soiled or tarnished
quintessence essence of a thing in its purest and most concentrated form
mince chop up
clamor loud uproar
epitaph poem to praise deceased
lecherous inordinate indulgence of sexual activity
malefaction crime, offense
affront appear directly before
consummation achievement, completion
contumely harsh treatment of language arising from haughtiness or contempt
bodkin dagger
quietus final settlement, removal from activity
orisons prayers
relish to take pleasure in
calumny false statement designed to stain the reputation of someone
melancholy gloomy state of mind
temperance moderation or self-restraint in action, self-control
commeddled evenly mixd together
extant existent
choler/choleric anger
humor state of feeling, bodily “humors,” fluid or juice of animal or plant, specifically one of the 4 fluids entering into the constitution of the body, and determine a person’s health and temmperament in the balances
weal prosperity, happiness, well-being
rank absolute, rigorous, indecent
apoplexy a sudden loss of bodily function
cozen to deceive, cheat
ardor great warmth, fervor, passion
incorporeal unsubstantial, characteristic of nonmaterial beings
scourge to punish, a “whip”
providence prudent
craven cowardly, lacking courage
scrupulous/unscrupulous be principles, ethical consideration or principle that inhibits action
conjecture guess, infer, conclusion deduced by guesswork
superfluous unnecessary, excessive
abatements/abate reductions/to reduce
remiss negligent, languid