Hamlet Vocab Words

apparition an unexpected appearance; a ghost
usurp to seize by power or force
brazen shameless, impudent
harbinger a forerunner
extort to obtain by threats or intimidation
auspicious favorable
dirge a lament for the dead; a song of grief
visage a face
filal of a son or daughter
retrogade moving backward
jocund cheerful
dexterity skill in using one’s hands or body
importunity persistence in in requesting or demanding
prodigal recklessly wasteful
calumny slander
imminent impending, likely to occur
libertine dissolute (or one who leads such a life)
dalliance play; frivolous action
precepts rules of conduct; commands
censure to condemn
purge to get rid of or cleanse (regarding regarding impurities or guilt)
dispatch to send off; to kill
pernicious harmful
impunity freedom from punishment or injury
sully to soil or stain by disgrace
gaming gambling
entreat to request earnestly, to beg
expostulate to reason with, protest
artful cunning, sly
soliciting begging
surmise guess
repulse to drive back; to reject
pestilent diseased, deadly
quintessence pure essnce; a perfect example of a quality
appurtenance a subordinate part; an adjunct
abridgement abbreviation, condensation
niggardly stingy
beseech to implore
wont a habit or custom
consummation fufillment, completion
contumely an insulting remark; slander
insolence rudneess, contempt
resolution great determination
orisons prayers
buffet to slap or punch
clemency mildness esp. of weather, mercy
rank foul-smelling; unmistakably bad
bulwark defensive wall
incorporeal not composed of matter; ghost-like
discourse a speech or lecture
unction act of anointing with oil; that which soothes
abstinence doing without esp. food and alcohol
mandate an order or command
discord a conflict or disagreement
convocation a group that has been called together
oblivion forgetfulness
incensed enraged, angered
abate to wane, become less
remiss negligent, lax in performance of duty
lay song
circumvent to evade, find a way around
obsequies funeral rites
churlish ill-mannered or rude
requiem music or dirge for the dead
indiscretion an indiscreet action or statement
dearth scarcity or lack
winnowing sifting, fanning
foil to frustrate, thwart; a long thin sword with blunt point used in fencing
carouse to drink and be merry
havoc widespread destruction, ruin

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