Hamlet Vocab with Sentences

Entreat (verb) To ask someone earnestly to do something, to plead (matter of life and death)We __________ you not to go, you may not come back alive!
Emulate (verb) To strive to equal or excelInstead of trying to ____________ the so called popular crowd, be confident in who you are.
Post-haste (adverb) Immediately, very fastSend it to me __________, I needed it yesterday!
Heraldry (noun) An armorial design, or the practice of tracing genealogies.To the student of history, then, ___________ is far from useless.A shield decorated with his ___________ rests against his shoulder;
Harbinger (noun) Someone or something that pioneers a major change; someone that foreshadows what is to becomeBeware the _____________ who bring news of doom.
Assail (verb) To attack violentlyFor the Clinton campaign, ____________ing Mr. Trump is a more appealing strategy than trying to rehabilitate their candidate’s image.
Portentous (adj) Suspenseful; something that gives a hint of violenceSuch a ____________ and mysterious story line roused all my curiosity.
Resolute (adj) Marked by firm determinationShe never gave up on the fight and was admired because of her _________ manner.
Avouch (verb) To declare as a matter of factI _________ that all members were present for role call.
Discretion ( ) The quality of behaving or speaking in such a way as to avoid causing offense or revealing private info
Hallowed Holy or consecrated
Fortified Made strong
Auspicious Attended by goodness, something favorable
Partisan Someone who firmly adheres to a party, cause, or person
Gait A manner of walking or moving on foot
Visage The face or appearance of a person
Retrograde Moving in a backward direction
Levies Taxes or the process of collecting tax
Filial The obedience befitting a son or daughter
Countenance A calm expression
Dalliance (noun) Amorous play or being flirty”This is no time for useless __________,” said the great lady; “let us work.”
Husbandry The care of a household
Beguile To lead by deception
Traduced Exposed to shame or blame
Censure A judgement involving condemnation
Sepulcher (noun) A place of burial Mrs K’s least favorite word is ___________ because it feels awful in your mouth
Sovereignty Supreme excellence or complete power
Arrant Being without moderation
Knave A tricky deceptive young man
Perturbed To disturb greatly in the mindHis actions _________ me greatly and challenged my patience.