Hamlet Vocab Quiz

usurp to seize and take control without authority.
usurp antonyms give, keep, leave
usurp synonyms takeover, grab, swipe
harbinger a herald, one who foretells the arrival of a thing.
harbinger antonyms aftermath, epilogue, sequel, effect
harbinger synonyms omen, precursor, messenger
hallowed worthy of religious veneration.
hallowed antonyms unholy, unsacred, curse
hallowed synonyms sacred, holy, blessed
obsequious attentive in a servile manner
obsequious antonym arrogant, assertive, confident, IMPERIOUS
obsequious synonyms groveling, brown nosing, compliant
discourse extended oral or written expression. when two people have a debate, writing back and forth
discourse antonym quiet, silence
discourse synonym communication, conversation, discussion
tenable capable of being held or defended, based on sound reasoning or evidence; debating
tenable antonym unreasonable, untenable, unbelievable
tenable synonym arguable, defensible, justifiable
adulterate to pollute, mix with impurities. weaken
adulterate antonym cleanse, distill
adulterate synonyms contaminate, corrupt, denature
pernicious extremely harmful, deadly.
pernicious antonym helpful, beneficial, harmless
pernicious synonym damaging, dangerous, lethal
mirth happiness, great joy.
mirth antonym depression, gloom
mirth synonym cheerfulness, amusement, gladness
misogynistic hating or disrespectful of women.
misogynistic antonym philogynist, feminism
misogynistic synonym sexism, prejudice, objectification
obstinate stubborn, unwilling to yield. not willing to change your mind
obstinate antonym compliant, agreeable, cooperative
obstinate synonym headstrong, tenacious, firm
dexterity athletic, skilled in use of one’s hands. move quickly, surgeons
dexterity antonym inability, clumsy, awkwardness
dexterity synonym cleverness, finesse, smoothness
celestial relating to heaven, the heavens or space. sky
celestial antonym earthly, terrestrial, infernal
celestial synonym angelic, divine, spiritual
expostulate to dissuade or reason someone out of a decision. arguing someone out of doing something
expostulate antonym agree, allow, consent
expostulate synonym argue, dissuade, oppose, REMONSTRATE
promontory a natural elevation. it sticks out, eagles build their nests in a promontory place
promontory antonym valley, casma, groove
promontory synonym peninsula, bluff, cliff
pestilent foul, likely to cause disease.
pestilent antonym good, healthy, harmless
pestilent synonym contagious, deadly, destructive
quintessence a perfect, typical example. something positive
quintessence antonym opposite,bad example
quintessence synonym epitome, prototype, ideal
enigmatic puzzling, unclear. riddle, difficulty
enigmatic synonym doubtful, cryptic, secret
innuendo an indirect and malicious rumor or slander. not directly, hinting at it without directly stating it
innuendo antonym evidence, proof
enigmatic antonym clear, obvious, plain
repudiate to denounce, refuse to acknowledge. distance yourself from someone
repudiate antonym accept, allow, approve, endorse
innuendo synonym hint, whisper, reference
repudiate synonym abandon, revoke, repeal
equivocate to mislead through ambiguous language. unclear, close to lying
equivocate antonym confront, encounter, face
equivocate synonym escape, dodge, hedge
imperious condescending, arrogant.
imperious antonym humble, meek
imperious synonym haughty, dictatorial, bossy
singe to burn superficially. not a major burn
singe antonym freeze, frozen, cold, to soothe
singe synonym blaze, cook, flame
indiscretion an error or mistake; a lack of judgment. sin, immoral mistake
indiscretion antonym correction, wisdom
indiscretion synonym lapse, recklessness, misjudgment
germane relevant and appropriate.
germane antonym inappropriate, improper, unsuitable
germane synonym applicable, pertinent, cognate