Hamlet Vocab III

Buffet (N) hit or strike (v) to strike with hand or fist or to strike against Synonyms: slap, cuff, box, wallop
Calamity (N) disaster, hardshipSynonyms: blow, catastropheAntonyms: advantage, profit
Consummation (N) completion; fulfillmentSynonyms: end, wrapAntonyms: failure
Enterprise (N) projects, plansSynonyms: undertaking, venture, ambitionAntonyms: idleness, unemployment
Inoculate (V) make resistant to; immunizeSynonyms: vaccinate, inject
Insolence (N) rude or impertinent behavior or speechSynonyms: gall, chutzpahAntonyms: humility, respect
Mandate (N) order; command (v) to command or orderSynonyms: ruling, decree, carte blancheAntonyms: denial, veto
Melancholy (N) sadness; low spirits (adj) depressedSynonyms: blue, despondent, gloomyAntonyms: happiness, cheer; happy
Pander/Panderer (N) a pimp; a person who caters to the weakness or vices of others (v) to panderSynonyms: (v) cajole, brown noseAntonyms: (v) deny
Paradox (N) a statement or proposition that seems self-contradictory or absurd but in reality expresses a possible truth; any person or thing that expresses contradictory natureSynonyms: catch-22, enigma
Profane (Adj) unholy, common, vulgar; (v) to misuse anything held in reverence; to debase, to defileSynonyms: (adj) heathen, coarse (v) trash, swearAntonyms: (adj) clean, moral, sacred (v) purify
Purge (V) to cleanse, to purify (n) the removal or elimination of a political organization, nation or government who are considered disloyalSynonyms: (n) catharsis, coup (v) abolish, eraseAntonyms: (n) holding, keeping (v) maintain
Temperance (N) moderation or self controlSynonyms: discretion, restraint, prudenceAntonyms: excess, wildness
Turbulent (Adj) agitated; excitedSynonyms: destructive, bitter, furiousAntonyms: calm, mild, obedient
Visage (N) face; appearanceSynonyms: image, aspect, look