Hamlet vocab #2

Commingled BlendedS: Judgment are so well commingled
Knavish Unprincipled S: Tis’ a knavish piece of work
Contagion Harmful or corrupting S: Contagion of this world
Sinews Tendons; Muscles S: be soft as sinews
Visage Face or facial expression S: with heated visage
Piteous Demanding or arousing pityS: with this piteous action
Scourge A means of inflicting severe suffering
Divulging become knownS: to keep it from divulging
Discord Tension or strifeS: full of discord
Replication A reply to an answerS: What replication should be made
Convocations AssemblyS: certain convocation of politic
Imminent ImpendingS: The imminent death of twenty
Superfluous being beyond what is required S: gives me a superfluous death
Abatement Reductions in amountS: and hat abatements and
Base Lowest or bottomS: to what base uses
Churlish Difficult to work withS: I tell thee churlish priest
Conjuration Influence or effect by supernatural powerS: an earnest conjuration
Perdition Loss of the soul; eternal damnation S: suffers no perdition
Extolment High praise S: verity of extolement
Aloof DistantS: I stand aloof
Felicity Great happiness S: Thee from felicity
Carnal relating to body or flesh S: Of carnal, bloody