Hamlet vocab

Paragon Model of perfection
Calumny Slanderous accusation
Bier Coffin stand
Conjecture Supposition
Cleave Split
Impious Unholy
Abhorred Hatred
Usurp Seize unfairly
Felicity Bliss
Pate Head
Mandate Command
Chronicles Histories
Dalliance Amorous play
Visage Face
Requite Repay
Amity Freiendship
Martial Military
Commended Praised
Superfluous Unnecessary
Buffet A blow
Savory Appetizing
Harbinger Forerunner
Precept Rule of conduct
Orison Prayer
Inter Bury
Dearth Scarcity
Importunate Urgent
Purge Elimination
Jocund Merry
Dirge Mourning song
German Relevant
Impetuous Impulsive
Paradox Apparent contradiction
Firmament Heavens
Avouch Assert
Diligent Hard-working
Cudgel Heavy club
Bulwark Strong defense
Extremity Utmost limit
Malefaction Evil deed
Portentous Ominous
Incensed Enraged
Prate Babble
Consummation Completion
Obscure Hidden
Circumscribe Limit
Pestilent Poisonous
Temperance Moderation
Gratis Free
Perusal Careful reading