Hamlet Unit test review

what convicts hamlet that the ghost is telling the truth Claudius stops the play when it is portraying the scene
Why does claudius have trouble repenting his crimes likes gertrude and the power of being king
What is common between Laertes and hamlet dad are dead and they want to have revenge for that
What does Horatio think of the duel between Hamlet and Laertes he think it is rigged
How does gertrude die she drinks the poison that hamlet was supposed to
What is the final mission does hamlet give horatio before he dies he should explain what happened and tell the young fortinbras to become the king
What is the title of hamlet’s play within a play a Mouse trap
Who is Yorick, who is to be buried in his grave He is Old Hamlets jester, ophelia
how does Laertes die dies when Hamlet uses poison sword on him
What happens to rosencrantz and guildenstern they were killed by the King of england, they wrote the letters