Hamlet test questions

The kings ghost Who comes and talks to horacio and marcellous at the beginning of the play
Hamlets best friend Who is Horacio?
Because he is the most educated Why do they tell Horacio to talk to the ghost?
Avenge me but don’t kill your mom What does the Ghost tell hamlet
Because of Ophelia and his fathers death What are the two reasons hamlet goes crazy?
Behind the tapestry Where did polonius Claudius and Gertrude plan to hide?
They didn’t have enough info as to why he is mad so polonius hid being the tapestry in queens room and hamlet stabbed him What happened after hamlets encounter with Ophelia?
Hamlet Who says a rat a rat
France? Where does learners go to school?
Tells someone to tell rumors about his son and spy on him What does polonius do about learners going off to school?
Rosencrants and guildenstern Who do the king and queen want to spy on hamlet?
Hamlets childhood friends Who are rosencrants and guildenstern
He sends a letter to England to have hamlet killed What does the king do? ( keep in mind he wants to kill hamlet)
He changes the letter to have the king killed What does hamlet do when he finds out about the letter?
She gives everyone flowers What does Ophelia do when she goes mad?
A song about her fathers death What does Ophelia sing?
She drowns herself How does Ophelia die
He needs to get over it What do king and queen tell hamlet at the beginning of the play about his father?
Because old king hamlet kill fortinbras dad . Why does fortonbras want to conquer Denmark?
He sends a message to fortinbras uncle and tells him what he’s up to What does king Claudius do after he finds out that fortinbras wants to kill him
Purgatory Where is the dead king?
That everyone dies and ends up in the same place What does hamlet figure out when he meets the grave digger
King fortinbras, king hamlet, polonius, rosencrants, guildenstern, Ophelia, queen, laertes, king Claudius , hamlet What is the order of death?
Hamlet wants Horacio to tell his story Why does hamlet stop Horacio from killing himself?
Ask each other for forgiveness What do hamlet and laertes do right before they die?
Messenger to hamlet, the ref Who is the ostric
King Claudius Who was poisoned and stabbed
Polonius Who said ” oh horrible oh horrible”
His letters What did Ophelia tell hamlet that she had of his?
So that king Claudius would feel guilty Why did hamlet put on the play?
Because he doesn’t want him to go to heaven Why does hamlet not kill Claudius in the tapestry?