Hamlet Test- Acts I-III

Barnardo one of the soldiers to see the ghost
Marcellus waits with Hamlet and Horatio to see the ghost
Claudius stops the play while the actors are acting
Gertrude Hamlet is upset that this character does not mourn the loss of his father
Rosencrantz asked to spy on Hamlet
The Murder of Gonzago the fictitious murder similar to King Hamlet’s
Laertes first warns Ophelia about Hamlet
Guilt Claudius is watched during the play to see if he shows any;
Horatio Hamlet’s best friend and is asked to observe Claudius during the play
revenge the ghost asks this of Hamlet
Hamlet he suspects foul play
Gertrude married too quickley according to Hamlet
Polonius 2nd to warn Ophelia about Hamlet
Ophelia first person Polonius wants to spy on Hamlet interacting with
Murder the way in which Hamlet’s father died
Drinking the first possible vice of Laertes
Hamlet suspects Claudius is trying to harm Hamlet
Polonius is mistaken for Claudius and is killed
Francisco is relieved of his sentry before he sees the ghost again
Reynaldo sent to spy on Laertes
war what the soldiers, Horatio, believe the sight of the ghost is foreshadowing
Fighting third possible vice of Laertes
Horatio thinks they should tell Hamlet about the ghost
Ophelia Polonius’s daughter
ghost the form in which we meet Hamlets father
Polonius gives Laertes advice
black color of Hamlet’s clothes
Voltemand sends a message to Norway
Laertes leaves for school during act 2
Claudius claims he has not been able to pray/ is the king of Denmark at the beginning of the play
Arguing 5th possible vice of Laertes
Polonius father to Laertes/ believes Hamlet is crazy because of Ophelia
England Claudius wants to send Hamlet here
Gertrude the second character Polonius wants to spy on Hamlet interracting with