hamlet test

hamlet admits to ophelia that he loved her once true
after hearing hamlets comment to ophelia cladudius decides to send him to england false
hamlet tells ophelia to watch for claudius reaction to the play false- he tells horatio to watch for claudius’s reaction
hamlet is rude to ophelia before the play begins true
the reaction of claudius during the play convinces hamlet that he is guilty true
in a soliloquy claudius admits to killing his brother true
hamlet doesn’t kill claudius when he has the chance because he thinks claudius is praying true- he wants claudius to burn in purgatory like his father did and if he is killed why praying, his sins will be forgiven
gertrude is unaware that polonius is hiding in her chamber false
the ghost appears to hamlet in the queens chamber true- hamlet speaks to him and gertrude thinks he’s gone mad because she can’t see the ghost
hamlet asks gertrude not to return to claudius’s bed true
when laertes gives ophelia advice regarding hamlet, about what is he primarily concerned protecting ophelia and making sure she is happy and treated right. tells her that he may love her but may not be able to marry her.
what current events are discussed among the guards and horatio as they await the ghost to appear weapons being made, denmark fears being attacked by norway at any moment
what reason does hamlet give in his first soliloquy for NOT committing suicide
when polonius gives her the same advice about hamlet, what is he primarily concerned about himself – he is worried about how he will be viewed
polonius wants reynaldo to take money to laertes true
ophelia tells polonius that hamlet came into her room, started at her face, proclaimed his love, then left false- he comes in her room and just stares at her, never says a word. his eyes are on her the entire time he is in the room
claudius and gertrude want rozencrants and guildenstern to cheer hamlet up false- they want them to spy on hamlet and see what is wrong with him
fortnbras wants to take his army through denmark true
rozencrants and guildenstern admit to hamlet that they were summoned to denmark true
hamlet calls polonius jepthah true- significant because it is a biblical reference where Jephthah’s daughter obeyed his every word, like Polonius and Ophelia
hamlet says denmark is like hell false
one of the players recites a speech from a comedy false- it is a tragedy, he begins to cry
hamlet says that the ghost might be a devil that is trying to trick him true
hamlet wants to use the players in order to see if his mother has a guilty conscience false- he wants to get a guilty reaction from Claudius to confirm that he killed hamlets father. also wants to show how upset he is with his mother about her marriage.
gertrude tells claudius hamlet killed polonius in self defense false
hamlet calls rosencratz a sponge true- this is an insult
hamlet tells rosencratz and guildenstern that polonius is at supper true
fortinbras defies claudius and marches his troops through denmark false
finding out that hamlet killed her father contributes to ophelia madness false- ophelia doesn’t find out that hamlet killed polonius
when laureates returns, some shout “laureates shall be king” true
hamlet instructs horatio to allow the seafaring men to give claudius letters he has sent true
cautious tells laureates he hasn’t acted because he doesn’t want to hurt gertrude true
laertes plans to kill hamlet with a poisoned sword true
clauduis plans to kill laertes with a poisoned drink false- he plans to kill hamlet with a poisoned drink if laertes doesn’t come through with the poisoned sword. its a back up plan
gertrude tells laureates that ophelia fell from a bridge and drowned in a brook false
who is yorick
why were ophelia burial rites abnormal she committed suicide
how does hamlet cause the deaths of rosencrats and guildenstern he switches the letters claudius sent to have him killed and said to kill the people who delivered the letter to hamlet
what is gertrudes cause of death she drank the poisoned drink meant for hamlet
who becomes king fortinbras
hamlet is a revenge play inspired in part by thomas kyd’s spanish tragedy
setting denmark, about 1200
the hamlet “problem” his inability to take decisive action his treatment of ophelia his madness (real or not)
watch for … foils to hamlets character theme of appearance vs reality shakespeare use of irony hamlet the victim vs hamlet the tragic hero whats rotten in denmark