Hamlet Test

What was the name of the castle? Elsinor
Laertes attends school where? France
Hamlet attends school where? Wittenberg
What country does the play take place? Denmark
How many characters die in the Grand Hall? 4
Who was supposed to die, but didn’t? Horatio
What country did Fortinbras attack? Poland
How did people think Hamlet died? From a snake bite
What animal does Hamlet compare Polonius to while he is being stabbed? A rat
What were the names of the 3 guards? Bernardo, Marcellus, and Francisco
“There’s Rosemary… That’s for remembrance” Ophelia
“Revenge should have no bounds” Claudius
“To cut his throat at church” Laertes
What was the name of King Hamlet’s court jester? Yorik
Who plays Hamlet in the movie? Mel Gibson
What 2 funerals were not shown in the play, but shown in the movie? Ophelia’s and Hamlet’s
What century was the play written? 17th
Who’s the dead king of Norway? Fortinbras
Where were Rosencrantz and Guildenstern sent to? England
Why does the ghost tell Hamlet not to seek revenge on Gertrude? “It should be up to God”
What does Hamlet ask of Horatio? “Tell my story”
How was the murder of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern arranged? Letters
Why is Hamlet jealous of the actors? He can’t express his true emotions while they can express fake emotions
What was the name of the play Hamlet creates? The Mousetrap
What was the name of the courtier who summoned Hamlet to a sword fight? Osric
Who spied on Laertes while at school? Reynaldo
Who were the two courtiers that bring Claudius’s messages to Norway? Cornelius and Voltemand
Who warned Hamlet not to fence with Laertes? Horatio
“Goodnight, sweet prince…” Horatio
“Words without thoughts…” Claudius
“We go to gain a little patch of ground” Captain (w/ Fortinbras)
“Not where he eats but where he is eaten” Hamlet
“The drink” Gertrude
“Thou had cleft my heart in twain” Gertrude
“The owl was a baker’s daughter” Ophelia
“Speak to it, Horatio” Marcellus
“The king’s to blame” Laertes
“Fear it Ophelia…” Laertes
“Yer here Laertes, aboard, for shame” Polonius
“Neither a…” Polonius

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