Hamlet TEST

Why does the ghost of hamlet’s father appear but not speak to the officers on sentinel duty? The Ghost wants to speak to Hamlet directly.
What do Ghostly apparitions usually portend, according to these witnesses? They portend that something bad will happen.
What is the content of the dispatches Claudius has sent with Voltemand and Cornelius to the King of Norway? He wants the King to know young Fortinbras wants a war with Denmark.
In his soliloquy, what are Hamlet’s reasons for objecting to his mother’s remarriage? She didn’t mourn his father properly and committed incest by marrying his uncle Claudius.
What advice does Laertes give to Ophelia as he says farewell to her prior to his departure for Paris? He says not to give into Hamlet’s flirting, because he can’t choose who he wants to marry.
What advice does she give Laertes in return? She essentially says to practice what he is preaching to her.
What is the thrust of advice Polonius gives Laertes as his son prepares to leave? He tells him to stay true to who he is.
What does Polonius instruct Ophelia to do regarding Hamlet? He tells her not to talk to him or affiliate with him.
What does the apparition tell Hamlet? He says he was murdered by Claudius and must be avenged.
What two-part oath does Hamlet extract from his companions following the encounter with the Ghost? He says not to tell anyone about it and not to say anything if he begins to act strangely.
What task does Polonius assign Reynaldo in Paris? He tells him to watch Laertes’ behavior.
Why is Ophelia so upset when she speaks with her father? Hamlet came to her, acting like a madman.
In what respect does Polonius change his mind about Hamlet and the prince’s relationship to Ophelia? He believes Hamlet Has gone crazy, because Ophelia has rejected him.
What task does Claudius assign to Rosencrantz and Guildenstern? He tasks them with figuring out why Hamlet is depressed.
What news do Voltemand and Cornelius bring back from Norway? Young Fortinbras must cross Denmark to attack Poland.
What do Claudius and Gertrude conclude after hearing Polonius read the letter from hamlet to Ophelia? It may be the reason behind Hamlet’s insanity (the unrequited love).
What does Polonius mean in an aside, as he speaks with Hamlet, “THough this be madness, yet there in method in ‘t”? He thinks Hamlet is acting insane, but has an ulterior motive.
What does Hamlet make Rosencrantz and Guildenstern confess?