Hamlet test

Claudius My words fly up my thoughts remain below words without thoughts never to heaven go
Ophelia There’s Rosemary that’s for remembrance and here’s pansies that’s for thoughts
Hamlet There’s a divinity that shapes rough hew them how we will
Horatio Now cracks a noble heart
Polonius To thine own self be true and it must follow as the night to the day thou canst not then be false to any man
Ghost A figure armed at point exactly cap a ape
Hamlet His doublet all embraced no hat upon his head
Polonius That great baby you see
Claudius A bosom as black as death
Ophelia Her clothes spread wide
Fransisco Soldier
Gertrude Queen of denmark
Voltemand Courtier
Bernardo Officer
Horatio Hamlets friend
Fortinbras Becomes king
Reynaldo A servant to polonius
Hamlet Prince of Denmark
Polonius Lord chamberlain
Laertes Ophelia’s brother
Poison wine Kills gertrude
Yorick Skull in graveyard
The mouse trap Nickname for the play
Flowers Part of Ophelia’s mad scene
Letters to england Delivered by r. And g.
Armor Identifies to ghost
Rapier Kills laertes
Hanley talks the ghost and promises revenge True
The mousetrap convinces hamlet and Horatio that the king is guilty True
Polonius is unjustly killed because he is a blameless and innocent oh man False
Layer tees returns to his own country because he thinks aphelia in hamlet will be married False
Claudius is the week character False
Polonius thanks Hamlet is insane True
Claudia sons hamlet to England to have him killed True
Horatio kills yourself to prove his friendship for Hamlet False
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are called dummies are puppets True
The ghost disappears when the clock crows True
Hamlet fears that the ghost maybe sense by the devil False
King Hamlet was killed by police and poured into his year as he slept in a garden False
The Cree knows the line is poison when she drinks it False
Horton brass is an aggressive young man True
Claudius uses layer tees as a tool to kill hamlet False
Ophelia is in a disobedient daughter False
The ghost is introduced as a means of revealing the truth True
The queen is fond of Ophelia True
Horatio is hamlets true friends True
The queen is courageous and not easily influenced False
Hamlet find madness after meeting with the girls False
Claudius never admits his guilt to the audience True
Gertrude is astonished to see the ghost True
The Gose is in purgatory waiting to ascend to heaven True
Layer tees believes that Hamlet is his father’s murder False
Rinaldo goes to France to spy on layer tees True
Polonius tells aphelia not to believe any of life love True
Hello Mia says no this is madness yet there is a method in it True
Hamlet sister ratio good night sweet prince and flights of angels sing me to my resttr True
Fortune Ross conquer some land in Germany True
The story takes place in Denmark
The play is a Tragedy
Claudius is also hamlets Step father
Claudius is hamlets Uncle
The ghost is first seen bye Two army officers
The apparition looks like Hamlets bro
Fortune Brice is a prince of Norway
Hamlets character is best developed by his Actions
Ophelia is In love with hamlet
Horatio is interested in hamlet because He is a true friend
Hamlet does not kill Claudius well Claudius is praying because hamlet Wants to send him to hell
The play presented by the sterling players deals with the murder of the King
Polonius his death is O