Hamlet Study Guide

Where is the setting for “Hamlet”? in Denmark around 9th century A.D.
Who were the first guards to see the ghost and who did they go to tell about it? Marcellus/Horatio told Hamlet
Why had Hamlet returned to the palace from his studies in Wittenberg? his father, King Hamlet, had died
What is Hamlet’s castle named? Elsinore
What does Hamlet call his new step-father? uncle dad
Describe ophelia’s feeling for Hamlet she’s in love with Hamlet
in the beginning of the story does Hamlet return Ophelia’s feelings? yes
Where is Laertes going? France, to school
What advice does Polonius give to his daughter? do not fall in love with Hamlet because he will probably end up having an arranged marriage
What did Hamlet learn about during his meeting with his father’s ghost? that his father was murdered
After the meeting with his father how does Hamlet’s attitude change? Hamlet starts to brood and plot revenge
What plan does Hamlet make to trick Claudius into revealing his guilt? He has actors modify the dialogue in a play so it resembles his father’s murder
Why is Hamlet afraid to commit suicide? he is afraid to go to hell
Where does Hamlet tell Ophelia to go when he rejects her? to a nunnery
how does Claudius reveal his guilt? He walks out of the play when they were reenacting the real king’s murder
Who kills Polonius? Why is he killed? Who did the murderer actually think he was killing? Hamlet – he was hiding behind a tapestry – he thought he was killing Claudius
What does the letter that Claudius has written to the English king say? kill Hamlet
What are the reasons that Ophelia goes insane? 1. the man who she loves rejects her 2. the man who she loves kills her father3. her brother is in France
Who does Laertes initially blame for Polonius’s death? Claudius
How does Claudius use the anger of Laertes to set Hamlet up for death? he tell Laertes to do a duel between him and Hamlet and Laertes uses a poison sword
What does Claudius do as a back up plan? poisons Hamlet’s drink
Hamlet knows Yorick because he was this…. Court Jester turned skull
“To thine own self be true” Polonius gives this advice to Laertes
Hamlet’s BFF is this character…. Horatio
Claudius deeply loves….? Power
Fortinbras is the prince of which country? Norway
How does the old king die? Poison in his ear
Why doesn’t Hamlet kill Claudius when he has the perfect chance? He’s praying and he wants him to go to hell, not heaven.
The play, “The Murder of Gonzago” is nicknamed…? Mouse Trap – the “play within a play”
How does Ophelia die? Drowning
Claudius sends Hamlet to England for his purpose. To be killed by order of the King.
Hamlet thinks Gertrude is guilty of what? Incest
Is Laertes’s main feeling for his father grief or revenge? Grief
The gravediggers play the Shakespearean part of what? Comic relief
What clothes does Hamlet continue to wear? Funeral clothes
What could have been used for both the funeral and the wedding? the meal
Who plots the duel with Claudius? Laertes
What is the job of Polonius? Advisor to the king
What identifies the ghost? Armor
This kills Laertes…. Rapier (sword)
Father of Hamlet King Hamlet
Current husband of Gertrude Claudius
Father of Laertes and Ophelia Polonius
Gertrude’s first husband? Old Hamlet
Aunt Mom? Gertrude
Hamlet’s buds from college? Rosencrantz and Guildenstern
Part of Ophelia’s mad scene flowers
Ophelia’s boyfriend Hamlet
She gets love notes Ophelia
Who takes over Denmark at the end of the play? Fortinbras/Norway
Who lives to tell the tale? Horatio
“To be or not to be…” Part of Hamlet’s famous soliloquy.