Hamlet Study Guide

Although the ghost wants hamlet to take revenge upon cladius, Hamlet believes he needs additional proof of claudius’ guilt because… the ghost may be an evil spirit.
According to claudius, prince fortinbras of norway is demanding the return of territory that norway lost to denmark years earlier because… fortinbras believes denmark is politically unstable as a result of the king hamlets death.
The observation that claudius makes about hamlets mourning over his father is… you lost a father and so have you.
The observation ophelia makes to her brother laertws before he departs for france is… that she will take his advice, but he needs to take it himself too.
Hamlet swears Horatio to secrecy because… hamlet may need to act strangely in the future.
What does Marcellus mean when he says something is rotten in the state of denmark? There is corruption in denmark because of the leaders.
what does frailty thy name is woman mean? women are weaker than men because gertrude remarried so fast, and she has a character flaw because of that.
What does hamlet mean when he says he will need to put on an antic disposition. he will have to act weirdly in order to get information from others.y
Why do the guards ask horatio to speak to the ghost? because he is scholarly and intelligent.
What do they think the ghosts appearance means? danger is coming with the war against fortinbras.
why does cladius send messengers to Norway? for help against fortinbras.
What do the king and queen request of hamlet? to not go back to college.
why is hamlet in grief and dismay? because his father was killed and his mother remarried so soon
why does polonium order ophelia to not see hamlet again? because they can’t marry and he is going to ruin her reputation
Why do hamlets friends try to talk him out of seeing the ghost? because they think he is dangerous and may kill him or make him mad.
Why is the ghost in purgatory? because he killed a man and didn’t go to confession to repent for his sins.
How was the king murdered? by poison through the ear (by claudius)
what does the ghost command hamlet to do? to kill king claudius
what mood does the ghost set foreboding mood and impending disaster
what is hamlets fear of the ghost overcome by? his curiosity, he believes it’s his fate.
TRUE OR FALSE: Polonius sends reynaldo to paris to get him new clothes. FALSE. He is sent to spy on Laertes.
TRUE OR FALSE: Rosencrantz and Guildenstern were sent by the king and queen so that they may figure out why hamlet is acting strangely. TRUE.
TRUE OR FALSE: According to queen gertrude, hamlet is acting strangely because of his love for Ophelia. FALSE. She believes he’s acting strangely because he is still grieving over his father.
TRUE OR FALSE: King claudius finds out why norway will not be attacking denmark after all TRUE.
TRUE OR FALSE: Polonius and king claudius are planning to spy on ophelia and hamlet TRUE
TRUE OR FALSE: Hamlet wants the players to play in the murder of Julius Caesar. FALSE. He wants them to play in The Murder of the Gonzago.
When the players arrive to the castle, and the actor is reciting the speech, polonius says that it is too long. why is this ironic? because polonius is known for his long drawn out speeches.
How is hamlets character portrayed as a lover, poet, lunatic, actor, and private investigator. lover- in love with opheliapoet- speaks poetry oftenlunatic- acting crazilyactor- recites quotes from a playdetective- investigating the king
what does “though this is madness, yet there is method int” mean there is a reason as to why they do the things they do
How is hamlet going to catch the conscience of the king by acting out his fathers murder with a play and watching his reaction
What does hamlet do that upset ophelia he goes into her room and stares at her
what good news does voltemand report there will be no war between them because the uncle stopped it
what is the irony between hamlets comparison between himself and the first player the first player can feel and show his emotions, but hamlet cant
why is hamlet being so cautious in taking revenge because the spirit might be evil and accusing an innocent person
The king comes to the conclusion that hamlet is acting crazy because… he knows the truth. polonius believes he is acting crazy for his love of ophelia
why does the king leave the play because he watched them act out the murder which triggered him
what is claudius’ plan to death with hamlet send him to england to get rid of him (with rosen and guilden)
what does the ghost tell hamlet about the queen not to accuse her because this isn’t her fault, don’t kill her
how is polonius killed because he hid behind a curtain and hamlet assumed it was claudius
how does the king know he will be taking revenge he was spying on hamlet when he said that “those that are married, but one will live”
why is horatio a good friend to hamlet he is honest, trustworthy, and knowledgeable.
what is the to be or not to be speech about? hamlets contemplation of suicide
why does hamlet reject suicide because he doesn’t know what is after life, it might be hell
what is gertrude’s state in scene 4 act 3 concerned- hamlet is crazy and seeing and talking to a ghost she doesn’t know is therehurt- hamlet points out her wrongdoings
what political advantage does claudius gain when hamlet kills polonius everyone will be on the kings side and not hamlets. they will assume that hamlet is just crazy, and the king can just throw him out
TRUE OR FALSE: at the beginning of act IV rosencrants and guildenstern are looking for ophelia? FALSE. they’re looking for polonius’ body
TRUE OR FALSE: laertes thinks that hamlet killed his father at first FALSE.
TRUE OR FALSE: ophelia drowned TRUE
TRUE OR FALSE: Hamlet is not going to england because his ship sunk FALSE. Pirates captured him.
TRUE OR FALSE: The king plans to have a sword fight with hamlet so that he can kill him once and for all FALSE. Laertes will fight him, not the king
TRUE OR FALSE: Ophelia is denied full burial rights because the queen thought that she would not have wanted them FALSE. She killed herself.
TRUE OR FALSE: Hamlet fights with laertes at the graveyard TRUE.
TRUE OR FALSE: Rosencrantz and Guildenstern will be killed when they arrive to england TRUE. Why? Hamlet changed the letter to order them to killed and not him
TRUE OR FALSE: queen gertrude drinks the poisoned wine and dries TRUE.
TRUE OR FALSE: Hamlet wants Horatio go stay alive so that he can tell his story TRUE.
How does claudius learn of polonius’ murder queen gertrude tells him
where is fortinbras’ army headed towards denmark for a small piece of land
what does the king think ophelia’s madness is caused by her fathers death and hamlet
what threat does laertes pose to claudius the people of denmark was laertes to rule
what do the pirates expect money, because hamlet is a rich prince, but hamlet escaped them
what is claudius’ plan to get rid of hamlet pt. 2 to “fence” laertes, give L a real sword with poison on it, and then get him to drink poisoned wine
why didn’t polonius receive an elaborate funeral because there was no body, and it would raised questions as to how he died
how does polonius’ death affect his children ophelia kills herself and laertes seeks revenge
why does hamlet fall in line with claudius’ plan to send him to england he knew about it in advance and knew how to get out of it
what is the shame in hamlets soliloquy not taking action in killing the king and having murder on his mind
how does claudius trick laertes onto his side showing how he can get revenge and by letting laertes get out his anger
why does hamlet agree to fight laertes he thinks it will give him forgiveness
hamlets death is caused by… the sword scraping him
what does the english embassy for announce rosencrantz and guildenstern have been killed
in the end who will be king Prince fortinbras
why did shakespeare’s injecthumor into act 5 because it is so tragic he wanted to lighten up the play
how is the illness in denmark cured no more corrupt powers
allusion a rhetorical technique in which reference is made to a person, event, object, or work from history or literatureI.E) julius caesar, alexander the great
aside spoken privately either to another character or to the audience
soliloquy a solo speech given alone on stage to reveal a characters inner thoughts
Personification a figure of speech which an idea, animal, or thing is describe as if it were a personI.E) morning walking
rhyming couplet two lines that rhyme, shakespeare’s uses this as a device to let the audience know there is a changing scene
THEMES IN HAMLET -mortality-revenge-corruption-madness-doubt
SETTING OF HAMLET Elisinore, Denmark
Hamlet (about king claudius) p9. “a little more than kin and less than kind”= Hamlet is related to his uncle twice and doesnt like him
Hamlet (about queen gertrude) p11 “frailty is thy woman”= gertrude isnt strong enough to be on her own, she always needs a man
Polonuis (to laertes) p17 “neither a borrower nor a lender be”= dont borrow or lend moneyp17 “this above all: to thine own self be true”= be true to yourself
Marcellus p22 “something is rotten in the state of denmark”= things arent right, something is wrong/ corrupt
Ghost p25 “remember me”= remember to avenge my death
Hamlet p28. “the time is out of joint”= something is wrong in denmark
Polonius (irony) p36 “brevity is the soul of wit”= I will be brief (he talks and talks)
Polonius (about hamlet) p39 “though this is madness, yet there is a method in it”= there is a reason as to why hamlet is acting crazy
Hamlet (soliloquy) p53 “to be or not to be, that is the question”= contemplation of his suicide
Hamlet (to queen gertrude) p17 “I must be cruel, only to be kind”= tough love, hamlet is cruel to his mother for her own good
Queen gertrude p107 “Sweets to the sweet”= putting flowers on ophelia’s grave
Hamlet p116 “the readiness is all”= he is ready for whatever will happenp120 “the rest is silence”= he has died, these are his dying words
Exposition (act I) – ghost appears in armor- ghost tells hamlet to avenge his fathers murder- hamlet’s first soliloquy
Complication (act I) – hamlet fails to kill king thinking he is praying
Rising action (act II) – polonius’ advice to laertes- polonius decides hamlet’s madness is due to his love for ophelia- king redirects rosencrantz and guildenstern to spy on hamlet- hamlet tells ophelia “get thee to a nunnery”- Hamlet meets with the players
Climax (act III) – the “mouse-trap” is performed
Falling action (act III-IV) – ghost reappears to hamlet- hamlet slays polonius- king orders hamlet to england- death of ophelia- gravedigger’s scene- king plots with Laertes to kill hamlet via fencing match- hamlets last soliloquy
Catastrophe (act V) – death of gertrude and laertes- death of king and hamlet