Hamlet Sentences

abatements At the abatement of the race I collapsed to the ground.
adulterate At mile two, I saw an adulterate girl who was cheating the course.
appurtenance My shoelace untied and became an appurtenance to my stride.
augury I asked my coach for an augury before the race began.
auspicious I was really hoping for an auspicious race because there were many college recruiters at the meet.
bulwark The other racers shot me glances but I put up a mental bulwark to keep my game face intact.
calumnious The girls on the other team whispered calumnious exchanges about our team.
clemency After the race, my coach told me to run for 10 minutes and I asked for clemency since my legs were throbbing.
contumely The freshmen on our team had contumely when she threw her ribbon in my face.
dirge I heard my dirge playing in my head as I tiredly approached mile 3.
equivocation My coach uttered an equivocation about my performance.
exhort I tried to exhort my teammate to warm up so she would have a better race.
extolment I hold my coach in extolment for suffering through the cold weather with us.
fetters I put fetters on my nervous conscious before the race began.
germane While we were debriefing the race, I started complaining about homework and Leigh asked my to talk about a more germane topic.
importunity My coach yelled at me to go faster but I would not respond to her importunity.
malefactions I saw a girl trip someone but I did not confront anyone about her malefaction.
obsequious Trumansburg’s obsequious behavior toward the officials made my annoyed.
paragon Mikaela was the paragon of our team when she set a school record and came in first.
perdition I was worried if I did not pass the girl I would suffer perdition from my team.
portentous The portentous official yelled at me to take off my running watch.
prate On the starting line, the prate of the other teams was very distracting.
precepts She violated one of the basic precepts of cross country by passing on the inside.
wantonness Teresa saw a mud puddle and dove into it in sheer wantonness.