HAMLET Review Questions Act 4 Scenes 1-7

Why can’t Claudius just deal with Hamlet like the law allows him to? (Act 4 Scene 3) As a prince and person Hamlet is adored by the public and Claudius does not want to anger them
How does this scene advance Hamlet’s developing awareness of death? (Act 4 Scene 3) When he speaks of Polonius his death it is very graphic physically and when he talks about again being eaten by doesn’t it talks about the death of kings
Do Rosencrantz and Guildenstern know the true purpose of their trip/journey to England? (Act 4 Scene 3) No, they leave the scene right before Claudius let the audience know that he is writing these letters to kill hamlet
Describe Fortinbras. How is he different from what we might have expected he is conquering other countries not Hamlet
What important information does Claudius reveal?(Act 4 Scene 5) Claudius tells Gertrude that the people of Denmark are grumbling and in turmoil over the death of Polonius. Further, Polonius was buried quickly without any of the ceremony that would have been fitting for a person of his rank. Laertes has secretly entered Denmark, has kept himself in hiding, and has been rousing the people against Claudius.
What do they assume is the cause of Ophelia’s apparent madness? (Act 4 Scene 5) They assume that Ophelia’s madness is a combination of the stresses of her father’s death, Hamlet’s being sent away, and the fact that Hamlet is her father’s killer.
Why do you suppose Ophelia’s madness takes on the form it does? (Act 4 Scene 5) Ophelia’s madness is real. As a woman, Ophelia can’t act, so she goes mad.
Describe Laertes’ rĂ©ponse to this father’s death? How is he a foil for Hamlet?(Act 4 Scene 5) Laertes is in a rage and intent upon revenge. Because Laertes is able to gather a small army of supporters, the implication is that Hamlet, who is so popular, could have unseated Claudius this way. Laertes contrasts with Hamlet because he focuses his energy on action while Hamlet’s energy is focused on thought.
What news is revealed in Hamlet’s letters to Horatio? What does this show about Hamlet? (Act 4 Scene 6-7) The ship bringing hamlet to England was attacked by pirates. The Pirates are bringing hamlet back to Denmark. He is clever enough to have negotiated this arrangement.
What will happen to Rosencrantz and Guildenstern?(Act 4 Scene 6-7) Hamlet has open the sealed letters that asked for his death. He change them so that Rosencrantz and Guildenstern will go to their deaths
How does this episode illustrate the role of coincidence in Shakespearean tragedy when hamlet got attack by pirates
Why does Claudius tell Leartes he will not kill hamlet himself? (Act 4 Scene 6-7) Because the queen loves Hamlet and since the king loves her he will not kill him and Claudias cannot kill him because the people love him