Hamlet Review

(Act I, Scene I)Which characters first see the Ghost? What do they think the sighting means? bernardo and Marcellus; “bad news for our country”
(Act I, Scene I)What is Hamlet’s state of mind when we first see him? upset and bothered due to the fact his uncle has married his mother
(Act I, Scene I)Why does Ophelia resolve to reject Hamlet? because of her father
(Act I, Scene I)What does the Ghost tell Hamlet? What order does he give him? Why must Hamlet leave his mother alone? that he must be ready for revenge and that Claudius killed his father; to do something about Claudius; leave her to god and her own guilt.
(Act II)What cause does Polonius see for Hamlet’s apparent madness? CRAZY in love
(Act II)Who are Rosencrantz and Guildenstern? What tasks do they take on for the King and Queen? childhood friends; to spy on Hamlet
(Act II)How does Hamlet treat Polonius? highly rude
(Act II)How does he treat Rosencrantz and Guildenstern? with respect
(Act II)How does he treat the Players? great respect
(Act II)What special arrangement about their performance does Hamlet make with the Players? What is Hamlet’s idea in doing this? to reenact the death of his father; to watch Claudius to see if he is possibly guilty. Hamlet wants to see if the ghost was telling the truth or if the ghost was just a demon.
(Act III)What do we learn from Claudius’s speech in III, i, 49-54? gives us an idea that Claudius feels strongly about the possibility of consequences for his murderous actions.
(Act III)How does Hamlet treat Ophelia when he meets her in Act III, scene i? How does Ophelia react? Lots of sarcasm and mockery acts like he does not care for her; mislead, shocked, believes Hamlet has gone mad.
(Act III)Does Claudius believe Hamlet is in love? Does he believe he is mad? He doesn’t believe it is love; believes he is starting to show insanity and that he must watch closely.
(Act III)What is the play called? What is the play within the play called? The murder of Gonzago; The Mousetrap
(Act III)Is there any hint in the “play within the play” that Gertrude is guilty of either murder or adultery? How does Claudius react? yes, the played showed how the king was killed and how the queen married the kings brother; he yells to stop the play and to turn on the lights.
(Act III)What does Gertrude do after the play? goes to her room and has someone tell Hamlet to stop being so foolish.
(Act III)What plans do the King and Polonius make after the play? they agree for Polonius to hide behind the tapestry to listen on Hamlet and Gertrude’s conversation and to come by the kings room after tell him what he heard.
(Act III)Why doesn’t Hamlet kill Claudius at this point? (while he is praying) He was praying for forgiveness of his sins. If he was to kill him now he would go straight to heaven. Hamlet wants him to suffer.
(Act III)How does Hamlet happen to kill Polonius? His mother (Gertrude) screams for help afraid hamlet was about to kill her. Hearing Gertrude, Polonius who is hiding screams for help too and is stabbed through the tapestry by Hamlet and killed.
(Act III)How does Hamlet accuse Gertrude? How does she react? Why does she think Hamlet is mad? What promise does she make? by killing Polonius he says “A horrible act—almost as bad, my good mother, as killing a king and marrying his brother.”; she reacts like she has not a clue about what hamlet is talking about; hamlet speaks to the ghost, but to her she thinks he is staring into empty air and speaking to no one; that she will not have sex with Claudius.
(Act IV)Why does Claudius claim he wants to send Hamlet to England? What is his real reason? to take care of diplomatic issues; to protect himself.
(Act IV)How does Ophelia react to her father’s death? she sings; she is upset but hopes everything will turn out fine.
(Act IV)What does Laertes do when he hears of his father’s death? angry and wants revenge.
(Act IV)How does Claudius quiet Laertes about who might have killed his father? What do they plan to do? If Claudius was guilty of his father’s death he would give up his kingdom, his crown, etc… and whoever is guilty will be punished to death. He convinces Laertes that it was Hamlet and that he could not be punished immediately due to certain reasons; they plan to poison him.
(Act IV)What happens to Ophelia? How do we hear about it? she drowned; Gertrude
(Act V)What is the first topic the two clowns discuss? What do they decide? how Ophelia died and that she was given a proper burial; she didn’t deserve it and that she only got a proper burial because the family was rich.
(Act V)What does Hamlet talk about while he and Horatio watch the clowns dig the grave? how they are so cheerful while digging a grave; graves no longer bother them.
(Act V)Who was Yorick? the dead King Hamlet’s jester
(Act V)What does Laertes do as Ophelia’s funeral ends? What does Hamlet do then? Jumps in her grave and grieves, tells them to bury him like the dead; Hamlet also jumps in and wrestles Laertes saying he loved Ophelia more than anyone.
(Act V) How has Hamlet escaped Rosencrantz and Guildenstern? What will happen to them? Why? aboards the pirates ship and is dropped off in Denmark; Hamlet changed the letter originally asking for his assassination and changed it to Rosencrantz and Guildensterns; pay back.
(Act V)What do Hamlet and Laertes do in the final scene? What does Hamlet say to Laertes before they begin? fencing match; ask for forgiveness and that technically it wasn’t hamlet that it was the mental illness side of hamlet.
(Act V)How does the Queen die? drinks from the poisoned goblet which was meant for Hamlet
(Act V)How are Hamlet and Laertes both killed? stabs each other
(Act V)What does Laertes do before he dies? forgives Hamlet and tells on the king
(Act V)How does Claudius die? forced to drink from the poisoned goblet
(Act V)What does Hamlet persuade Horatio to do? to live to tell his story
(Act V)Who will restore order in Denmark? How has his arrival been prepared for? Fortinebras; he has some claim to the kingdom already

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