Hamlet Quotes and Critics

Hamlet’s anger is ‘natural’. Hanmer, 1736
Hamlet’s ‘tendency to philosophise makes him unable to act’. Schlegel, 1808
Claudius knows sin and does not repent. Tkacz, 1992
A mere stage villain, crude and conventional. Draper, 1965
…has but a passive part in the play’s action. Granville-Barker
…a character of ambiguous morality whom we can never fully know. Bradby
Fiery, self-assured, and impetuous, Laertes cuts a dashing figure. Magnus, 2013
A crucial and explicit dramatic foil to Hamlet. Magnus, 2013
A piece of bait. Lacan, 1982
Ophelia suffers a series of patriarchal oppressions. Hamana
Polonius’s function in the play is to spy. Taylor
The real evil lies in the character of Polonius. Grabanier
…sacrifice the bond of human friendship to a social propriety. French
…they serve the element of comedy in tragedy. Tobias
A symbol of a saviour. Kobialka
Warrior, survivor, inheritor of Denmark. Magnus
Calm, cheerful and independent. Jacox, 1887
Horatio is our harbinger of truth. Mabillard
You speak like a green girl. Polonius
They did make love to this employment; they are not near my conscience. Hamlet
All that lives must die, passing through nature to eternity. Gertrude
My words fly up, my thoughts remain below. Claudius
Though you can fret me, you cannot play upon me. Hamlet
Revenge his foul and most unnatural murder. Ghost
The ghost shows too much vindictiveness to be a saved soul. Battenhouse, 1955
An evil spirit taking the form of his father. Rea, 1929

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