Hamlet Quiz Act 3

what message do R&G carry to the king? what is the king’s response? Hamlet is confused and he doesn’t give them straight answers. KC tells them to encourage Hamlet’s interest in the play.
Hamlet’s famous “to be or not to be” soliloquy is in scene 1. in a sentence or two paraphrase his main pts. he is contemplating committing suicide. hes afraid of what will happen after his death
Describe Hamlet’s tone when he speaks to Ophelia he’s angry. tells her to become a nun and not have children. ophelia is very confused
what do the king and polonius decide about hamlet’s condition after eavesdropping on hamlet and ophelia? polonius thinks he is sad and wants to listen in on a convo with his mom. KC wants to send him to England
why does Hamlet give instructions to the players? he wants it to be exactly like how he thinks hos dad dies and hamlet will be watching KC’s reaction
what was the kings reaction to the play? what did hamlet and horatio decide his reaction meant? he stopped the play. they believe KC poisoned hanlets dad.
what message does Rosencrantz deliever from the queen? The Queen wants to talk to Hamlet before he goes to bed. The Queen is surprised about Hamlet’s behavior.
the king has R&G prepare to do what? why? KC wants R&G to prepare to go to England with Hamlet on diplomatci business. KC thinks that Hamlet is getting crazier and he has to protect the country from the danger of his craziness getting out of control.
why doesnt hamlet kill the king when the king is kneeling? he is praying. hamlet wants to kill him when he is sinning not repenting.
how does polonius die? hamlets heard a yell behind the tapastry and got hos sword and stabbed him w/out knowing who he was
what would hamlet have his mother do? Hamlet wants his mother to stop having sex with King Claudius. He also wants her to confess her sins to God and repent her sins. He doesn’t want her to tell the King that Hamlet’s craziness is not real.