Hamlet Quiz – Act 1

Elsinore royal castle of Denmark – home to Hamlet
Claudius Hamlet’s uncle and current King of Denmark
Gertrude Hamlet’s mother
Horatio Hamlet’s close friend, who studied with the prince at the university in Wittenberg. Horatio is loyal and helpful to Hamlet throughout the play.
Ophelia Hamlet’s girlfriend
Laertes Ophelia’s brother; son of Polonius; leaves for France early in play
Polonius counselor to Claudius and father of Ophelia and Laertes
Setting of Act 1, Scene 1 very dark, cold, quiet guards are watching castle
back story between Norway and Denmark Old hamlet (Denmark) killed Old Fortinbras (of Norway)- Denmark seized Norwegian land – lost war- Winner takes it all (on the basis of a valid legal document—surrendered all his territories
young Fortinbras son of dead king (wants to avenge his father), is upset and is preparing for war (all action – getting troops and eager to reclaim land), nephew to current King of Norway
current king of denmark Claudius, uncle to Hamlet, brother to Old Hamlet
sentinels/watchmen in scene 1 bernardo, francisco, marcellus
what do the guards tells Horatio they have seen? Does horatio beleive them? They say they have seen a ghost twice now but Horatio says we’re imagining it, and won’t let himself believe anything about this horrible thing – the guards want him to see it a speak to it
the men see the ghost, what does it resemble? Old Hamlet (dead king of denmark)
What is Horatio like? Respected and Respectable, educated, skeptical about ghosts but when he sees it he believes, loyal to Hamlet, calm and reasonable, brave (speaks to ghost when others are scared)- Before my God, I might not this believe Without the sensible and true avouchOf mine own eyes
What does Horatio ask the ghost at first appearance? what is the ghost? – but ghost exits
How did the ghost resemble the late king? The king was wearing exactly this armor when he fought the king of Norway. And the ghost frowned just like the king did once when he attacked the Poles
How does Horatio feel about the ghost? he thinks that it can’t be good news for Denmark
What tells us that things are not right in Denmark? Country in distress because of a new king, war threats to Norway (war machine factories are running 24/7)
Why is the ghost a bad omen? just before the emperor Julius Caesar was assassinated, corpses rose out of their graves and ran through the streets of Rome. There were shooting stars, and blood mixed in with the morning dew, and threatening signs on the face of the sun. The moon was eclipsed – Denmark has had similar omens
ghost appears a second time, what does Horatio ask? he wants to know Denmark’s fate
What causes ghost to leave? cock crows – morning is coming (ghosts disappear when light appears/dawn breaks)
How does Horatio show is loyalty to Hamlet? wants to tell Hamlet what they have seen because the ghost looked like Old Hamlet
How is Horatio different from Bernardo and Marcellus? Calm when the others are freaking out, has a healthy skepticism, he is informed (tells the men what is happening), higher class (the other men are soldiers/night watchmen)
apparition (n.) a ghost
harbinger an omen or sign
beseech to beg, plead, implore
dexterity skill in performing tasks with the hands, adroitness
calumnious slanderous
moiety a portion or part of something, half
dalliance a fling or frivolous action
breach gap or rupture, absence or nonobservance
pernicious harmful, wicked
Traunt absent without permission, one who shirks school or duty
What’s the first impression of Claudius as king and speaker? Why? He is all business – his brother just died and he is sad, of course, but he says it is time to move on, already married his sister in law (like many advised him to do) and it was both a happy and sad union. Now he must focus on Young Fortinbras
Who is Fortinbras and what problem does he present? How will Claudius deal with him? Fortinbras is nephew to current King of Norway but he is all action in trying to regain lands from Danes. Claudius just says “so much for him” but he writes a letter to Fortinbras’ uncle telling him of his nephews plans and urges him to stop it
Who will deliver Claudius’ letter? Cornelius and Voltemand
What business does Laertes raise? How does Claudius deal with that? Laertes wants to go back to France and Claudius asks laertes’ father, Polonius, if he consented and he did so Claudius gives him permission
What’s Hamlet’s problem when we first meet him? What is his state of mind when we first see him? Why does he feel he is “too much i’ the sun”? Hamlet is very sad, mourning father’s death. He wears black, eyes are down, tears, frowns, sighing with grief. Quote explanation: He is punning son/sun. Now that Claudius is technically Hamlet’s father, he is too much a son because it is so soon after his father’s death.
describe the seem vs is theme Hamlet’s mom says he seems grief stricken and Hamlet says he is mourningappearance vs reality (yes, Hamlet’s actions/appearance seems gloomy but the clothes are just a hint of his true sadness)
Claduius’ advice to hamlet to stop mourning – everyones dies (your father lost his father and so on)- overdoing it is stubborn and not manly- give up mourning and regard Claudius and new fatherGertrude and Claudius do not let Hamlet go back to university in Wittenberg but rather they want him to stay in Denmark to keep an eye on him (“here in the cheer and comfort of our eye”)
what does Claudius like to do? drink
describe Hamlet’s soliloquy wants to commit suicide, feels like his life is stained and useless/pointless. Loses track of time (says father has died 2 months ago, then over 1 month, then under month – is he already mad?)- Old Hamlet was far superior to Claudius and loved wife- bed of incest
Hamlet’s view of women Frailty, thy name is woman!—weak and ficklean animal would have mourned longer than his mother (remarried before her tears dried)
How does Hamlet react to Horatio? not Horatio’s master but a friend (horatio came to see OH’s funeral and Gertrude’s marriage)Horatio tells Hamlet about the ghost of his father – this excited Hamlet
Was the ghost armed? yes it was armed from head to toe but men could see his face, looked pale and sad, beard dark brown with silver whiskers
What is Hamlet’s plan? he will meet men between 11 and 12 to see ghost – he believes that this means bad stuff for Denmark, something is wrong
Laertes advice to Ophelia Hamlet’s affection will fade because he is young and when his responsibility/nobility increases, he will put that firstbe careful/fearful (that will protect her)do not give yourself to himgood girls can get a bad reputation
How does Ophelia respond to laertes? she tells him not to be a hypocrite
Polonius’ advice to laertes? What does he tell him not to do? “and this above all: to thine own self be true”- Don’t say what you’re thinking, and don’t be too quick to act on what you think. Be friendly to people but don’t overdo it, dont pick a fight, dont borrow or lend money, dress nicely but not gaudy
What advice does Polonius give Ophelia? he believes that hamlet and Ophelia are being foolish and childish, she should not mistake tokens and vows with true love. Ophelia should not waste her time with him.Spend as little time with him as possible, talk less
How does Ophelia respond to Polonius? she obeys her father and does;t know what to think about Hamlet;s affections – she seeks the advice of her father and listens to her family
theme of reputation ophelia needs to make sure her reputation remains positiveHamlet talks about the reputation of drunkedness/partying in denmark and how one small spot of evil can ruin good repuations
What does Hamlet ask the ghost? why he is here, what he wants, what this means for Denmark
What does the ghost want Hamlet to do? come with him by himself
why does hamlet go with the ghost? he is not in danger since he doesn’t value his life and his soul can’t be touched – he goes with ghost and Horatio and Marcellus follow
What are the two possibilities for the ghost Hamlet faces? it can either tempt him into damnation or madness (evil ghost) or it could actually be the ghost of his father trying to help him
What does the Ghost tell Hamlet? What order does he give him? ghost is the should of Old Hamlet forced to roam earth until he does penanceOrders Hamlet to avenge his father’s death – everyone thought that a poisonous snake bit OH in the garden but real snake is wearing crown
What actually happened to OH? Claudius poured a vial of henbane poison into my ear – broke out in lepresy
Why must Hamlet leave his mother alone? Leave her to God and her own guilt – she was seduced by Claudius and is a lustful person capable of going from a perfect union to garbage
What does Hamlet make his friends swear? makes them swear on a sword that they know nothing of what happened that night – even if hamlet starts acting crazy (which he might in the future, , hamlet is gonna smile and smile just like Claudius to take vengeance) they must not even say that they suspected it
Why can hamlet not fully trust OH? he is a ghost (hamlet is going to commit murder at the request of a ghost – this wouldn’t quite hold up in court)

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