Hamlet plot

How did Claudius murder Old Hamlet? Poured poison into his ear
Where was Old Hamlet killed? In the orchard
Name one of the three people the ghost appeared to first. Horatio, Marcellus, Bernardo
Name the two men instructed to accompany Hamlet to England. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern
How does Ophelia die? Drowning/drowning herself
What stops Hamlet from killing Claudius after the play? Claudius is praying
Whose skull does Hamlet find in the graveyard? Yorick’s/the king’s jester
Who is Claudius in relation to Hamlet? His uncle/his father’s brother
What is the place called that the King and Queen would not allow Hamlet to go to in the beginning of the play? Wittenberg
Who is the King’s adviser? Polonius
How many characters die in the play? 8
Where does Hamlet tell Ophelia to go in Act 3? To a nunnery
Who is Ophelia in relation to Polonius? His daughter
What is the reason that Polonius gives for Hamlet’s madness? He is in love (with Ophelia)
Who is the last character to die? Hamlet
Who is the character that tells the story to Fortinbras in the last scene? Horatio
What story does Hamlet tell the players to act out? Claudius and Gertrude’s story
What does the ghost ask Hamlet to do? Avenge his murder
What is the reason for the players to act out a scene similar to Old Hamlet’s murder? To see if Claudius reacts with guilt
Why doesn’t Hamlet kill Claudius when he is praying? He’s afraid that Claudius will go to heaven
How does Gertrude die? She drinks the cup that has poison in it
What is different about the sword Laertes uses in the duel? It is not tipped and it has poison on it
In Hamlet’s soliloquy, “To be or not to be,” what is he contemplating? Whether or not he should kill himself
How does Polonius die? He is stabbed by Hamlet
What is the name of the play that the players performed? The Murder of Gonzago
What is the first, silent part of the play called? Dumb-show
Who is the first to tell of Ophelia’s death? Gertrude
What are the gravediggers doing while digging the graves? Singing
Where do Laertes and Hamlet fight? In Ophelia’s grave
What does Hamlet stop Horatio from doing in the last scene? drinking the poison
Why doesn’t Hamlet trust the ghost at first? Because he thinks it might be an evil spirit tempting him so he goes to hell
What word does Hamlet use to refer to his mother and Uncle’s marriage? incest/incestuous
Which two people came up with the plot on how to kill Hamlet? Claudius and Leartes
Who was the one true friend to Hamlet? Horatio
What kind of tree is correlated with Ophelia’s death? A willow tree