Hamlet performances

Zefirelli -no Fortinbras-Oedipal
Olivier -O = v innocent + young-Hamlet = older than Gertrude
Chekhov oppressive regime
Fiennes sheds clothes as madness +
Bernhardt female Hamlet
Eyre Ghost -> Hamlet
Warchus home movie of Hamlets at start
Zadek P + L molest O
Doran -reflective walls + floors-security cameras-H wears crown in prayer scene-bawdy cabaret
Icke -G+C = sexually overt-broadcast (performance)-H throws glass of water on O-H+O = affectionate
Barton all props in background
Godwin -grafitti-O’s hair = flowers
Garrick cut final act
McEwan nutshell
Murray ‘Ophelia’ – feminist commune
Barrymore ‘man’s man’
Hedenrych H2 = gay

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