Hamlet: Part 2 (Final)

A Sponge Hamlet calls Rosencrantz a sponge because he soaks up information and drains it out to the king
2 Reasons to Not Execute Hamlet 1 – The people of Denmark really like Hamlet2 – Gertrude loves Hamlet too much
The Worm Hamlet says: A worm eats a dead king (ashes), beggar uses that worm to fish, he eats the fish, and essentially has the royalty of the king running through himMeaning: Death is the great equalizer, once we are dead we are all the same
Apostrophe To address someone or something that is not presentEx) King talking to England
How does Hamlet contrast himself to Fortinbras’ army? They are all risking their lives for almost nothing, something that they are unsure of and Hamlet still hasn’t taken action even though he has reasons to do so
How is Laertes a FOIL to Hamlet? When Polonius is killed, Laertes get an army and storms Elsinore , demanding answers and taking action
Ophelia’s crazy flower scene & significance 1. To Laertes > Rosemary (Remembrance) & Pansies (Thoughts) 2. Claudius > Fennel (Flattery) & Columbine (Disloyalty)3. Gertrude > Rue (Sorrow) & Daisies (Infidelity)4. No One > Violets (Faithful – all withered away with Polonius, no one has remained faithful)
What happens to Hamlet’s ship on his way to England? He runs into pirates and they bring him home to Denmark
Who tells King & Laertes that Ophelia is dead? Gertrude
What were the King and Laertes doing when Gertrude tells them she is dead? They were planning how to kill Hamlet. King makes it seem like it’s all Laertes idea. They will have a fencing match, Laertes will take tip off his halfway through and it will be dipped in poison & King will have poison pearl to put in cup to make Hamlet drink.
How does Ophelia die? She was picking flowers and leaned over the river and fell in, she let the water take her under and drown her.
Why is it ironic that she dies this way? Flowers > delicate aspects of nature- need nurturing, water, care, and they are ephemeral Allows water to take her under and no one is there to save her from death > allows fate to take her in like a pawn, she was a pawn in everyone else’s game/ plans her whole life
What is the nick name for Act V scene i? The graveyard sceneBecause: 3 Reasons1. Comic Relief – puns & riddles- malapropisms – misuse of words for comic relief (ex. resemble/ resent & ergo- therefore / argal- our gal)- make fun of death — gravediggers = clowns2. Give point of view of commoner3. Get audience ready for more death to come
Who is Orsic? The court fop. Into the latest fashions, often spoke French for fun
The Great Equalizer Death
Horatio: in regards to the fencing match Voice of reason, tells Hamlet it is a trap set up by King and Laertes to kill him and not to fight
Who wins the first touch? Hamlet. King rewards him with drink and pearl in cup(Poison on pearl)
Who wins the second touch and what happens after this? Hamlet. Gertrude wants to toast to his good health — drinks cup
What is the significance of her death? She is always blind to ClaudiusShe didn’t know it, but she was saving her sonDying at the hands of Claudius — He could have saved her but that would have made him appear guilty, so in his own interest and self safety he lets her drink it — die
Who has the next hit? Laertes. He scratches Hamlet, making him mad because they were not supposed to have the tops off of their foilsHamlet knocks it our of his hand, picks it up, and plunges it through Laertes (poison foil)
Laertes death: He was “justly killed by his own sword” and own poison on sword. Death by Hamlet’s hands. He asks forgiveness of Hamlet
How does the king die? Hamlet stabs him with the poison sword and pours the poison cup down his throat.
How is Hamlet’s death just? Because it is at the hands of Laertes because Hamlet killed Polonius
What does Horatio do while Hamlet is dying? He grabs the cup, for a moment he wants to die but Hamlet tells him not to because he is the only one who knows the truth about the whole story
What does Hamlet do before he dies? Gives throne to Fortinbras because this way he won’t attack Denmark and he has royalty in his back ground
2 Decisions Hamlet makes as king 1. Fortinbras is king2. The rest is silence
What does Fortinbras do? He asks what happens — Horatio explains everything to himHe decides to give all of them a proper burial to honor them and to make the people of Denmark content
Six Elements of a Shakespearean Tragedy 1. Revenge Motive – Hamlet vs. Claudius 2. Internal and External Conflicts (External) – Hamlet vs. Laertes (any person vs person) – Denmark vs. Norway (Internal) – Hamlet vs. Himself – How to kill Claudius – Suicide 3. Comic Relief (Graveyard Scene) – puns & puns – malapropisms = misuse of word – Orsic/ Polonius 4. Tragic Hero / Flaw / Mistake: Person who falls from an exulted position (aka Hamlet is a prince and he makes a mistake) – His flaw is not being able to make up his mind and take action – His fall is his death5. Supernatural Element – Ghost of King Hamlet returns 6. Chance Happenings – Pirate ship Hamlet happens to run into – Happens to hide in graveyard where Ophelia is being buried
Interpretation Hamlet is a sentimental dreamer. He thinks too much and doesn’t take enough action Examples + explain:- He has to make sure ghost is honest and Claudius is guilty — with the play and his reaction- He acts crazy- Takes his time- Kills Polonius in the process
Theme Appearance vs. RealityExamples + explain:- Beginning– outside all dark and loomy with the ghost n shit and inside all happy and wedding- Appears to be acting crazy — not crazy, has a plan or something
The Shakespeare 5 Act Structure I – Exposition: Explanation of the main conflict – Ghost tells Hamlet what happened and to take revenge – Sets Hamlet has to take revenge on ClaudiusII – Rising Action: Entrapments 1. Polonius sends Reynaldo to France to spy on Laertes 2. King + Queen bring Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to Elisinore to spy on Hamlet = see if he is really crazy 3. Polonius + King spy on Ophelia with Hamlet to see if love 4. Hamlet + Actors to change the play & catch guilty ClaudiusIII – Climax and Dramatic Reverse: – Climax — When Hamlet sees Claudius in the chapel and it is the perfect time to kill him but he doesn’t because praying – Dramatic Reverse — When the protagonist makes a dramatic mistake, leading to their downfall- When Hamlet kills PoloniusIV – Falling Action: 1. Ophelia’s crazy flower scene 2. Laertes and Claudius planning Hamlet’s deathV – Catastrophe: Almost always death – Everyone dies in the end except Horatio & Fortinbras
FOILS 1. Laertes – Takes revenge immediately on his fathers death. Gathers an army and storms Elsinore demanding answers 2. Fortinbras – Gathers an army immediately to take Denmark back in the name of his father3. Horatio – Voice of reason
“He’s loved of the distracted multitude who like not in their judgement, but their eyes” King (Alone)The people like Hamlet from his appearance and judge with their eyes
“From this time forth my thoughts be bloody or be nothing worth” Hamlet (Alone)He will only think violent thoughts from now on until the deed is complete
“No place indeed should murder sanctuarize Revenge should have no bounds” King to LaertesHe will take revenge even in a church FOIL to Hamlet
“Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio” Hamlet to HoratioIn the graveyard – He is looking at a skill, death is the great equalizer
“Sweets to the sweet” Gertrude to Ophelia’s graveGiving flowers (sweets) to the sweet (Ophelia)
“There’s a divinity that shapes our ends… Rough-hew them how we will” Hamlet to HoratioGod in heaven guiding us to right direction, we might mess up a lot
“The readiness is all” Hamlet to HoratioAlways be ready because we don’t have control over everything, some things will happen whether we like it or not
“Report me and my cause aright to the unsatisfied” Hamlet to HoratioTell everybody the truth of what happened here
“Now cracks a noble heat. Good night, sweet prince, / And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest” HoratioHamlet was a noble man and he would’ve been a good leader
“For he was likely, had he been put on, ? to have proved most royal” Fortinbras to HoratioHe proved to be royal heir by being respectful and honoring all those who died