Hamlet Objective Test

iambic pentameter five stressed syllables and five unstressed syllables in a line of poetry (D)
monologue a long speech performed by one character directed at another character or characters (AB)
aside speech made by one character alone on stage (AD)
soliloquy character talking to himself (B)
sonnet fourteen line poem (E)
quatrain four lines of poem grouped together (C)
couplet pair of rhyming lines at the end of a sonnet (AC)
tragedy a play that ends with death, often of the main character (BC)
rhyme scheme in Shakespearean sonnet, it is ababsdedefefgg (AE)
speaker the narrator of a poem
How long after King Hamlet’s death did Gertrude remarry? 1 month
Claudius believes Hamlet should get over his father’s death for which of the following reason(s)? It is natural for fathers to die
What strong emotion prevents Hamlet from committing suicide at the beginning of the play? His fear of God’s punishment
Laertes gives Ophelia all of the following reasons for not continuing her relationship with Hamlet EXCEPT Hamlet loves someone else more
Based on the above quote from Act 1, Scene 5, what reason do the citizens of Denmark believe caused King Hamlet’s death? snake bite
Why doesn’t Hamlet kill Claudius immediately after the Ghost reveals the truth about the murder? He is afraid the ghost lies in order to damn Hamlet to hell
Polonius’ advice to Laertes before leaving for France includes which of the following? All of the above
After hearing that Hamlet came before Ophelia and frightened her by his actions, Polonius decides to Inform King Claudius
Why does Ophelia believe that Hamlet is mad? Hamlet’s visit to Ophelia in her closet/bedroom
Polonius and King Claudius hide behind an arras to spy as Hamlet confronts Ophelia
Polonius sends his servant Reynaldo to France to spy on Laertes
Hamlet hopes to see which of the following reactions from Kind Claudius during the play he has the actors perform? Guilt and surprise
Polonius believes Hamlet’s madness is the result of Ophelia’s rejection of Hamlet’s love
In Hamlet’s “To be, or not to be…” speech, Hamlet debates whether it would be better to be dead than to continue living with his burdens
In the Hamlet-Ophelia mad scene while Polonius and King Claudius are spying, Ophelia does all of the following EXCEPT Ophelia reveals that she never believed Hamlet loved her
Hamlet has the players perform a play that depicts The murder of King Hamlet
After observing Hamlet’s behavior with Ophelia and then the performance by the players, King Claudius desires to send Hamlet to England
In these lines from Act 3, scene 3, King Claudius states all of the following reasons why he cannot repent and receive forgiveness EXCEPT He needs to kill Hamlet first
Hamlet chooses not to kill King Claudius when the two are alone because he fears King Claudius will go to heaven because he appears to be praying
While speaking to his mother in her bedroom, Hamlet kills Polonius
When Hamlet is speaking to Gertrude, the ghost of King Hamlet returns to remind Hamlet of his duty to avenge King Hamlet’s death and leave Gertrude unharmed
After he meets the captain of Fortinbras’ army on his way to England, Hamlet resolves to what? think only about avenging his father’s death by killing King Claudius
When Laertes returns from France because he has heard of his father’s death, what else does he discover? His sister, Ophelia, has gone mad
What two reasons does King Claudius offer to Laertes as to why he has not punished Hamlet for Polonius’ death? The queen’s devotion to Hamlet, and that the public would be outraged because they hold him in high regard
The plot the king and Laertes devise to kill Hamlet includes all of the following EXCEPT Laertes killing Hamlet by slitting his throat
Who reports Ophelia’s death to King Claudius and Laertes? Queen Gertrude
Why doesn’t Ophelia receive the full Christian funeral rites? Her death was questionable; no one knows if it was suicide or an accident.
When happens between Laertes and Hamlet at Ophelia’s grave? They fight over who loved Ophelia more
What are Laertes’ last words to Hamlet? Laertes curses Hamlet for life
All of the following statements are true about the ending of the play EXCEPT Osric admits to knowing about the poisoned sword used in the duel