Hamlet final test

where did the ghost come from? purgatory
who thinks the ghost is imagined? horatio
what does the ghost do when he appears fixes his eyes upon the men
who does the ghost say he is? “thy fathers spirit”
who warns ophelia about hamlet? her father polonius and brother laertes
how is the ghost dressed? in complete armour and uniform
what does hamlet do when horatio and marcellus hold him back? hamlet brings out his sword and threatens to kill them
why is hamlet upset with his mother? because after his fathers death she has very quickly gone on and married his uncle, polonius
what famous phrase does marcellus speak at the end of scene 4? “something is rotten in the state of denmark”
who does the ghost say killed him? claudius
why does laertes warn ophelia about her affections for hamlet? to protect ophelia, and not allow her to have her heart broken as hamlet it royalty and cannot choose who he marries, also because they may feel that as royalty he is too above her to ever be with her.
how long has hamlets father been dead? two months (in act 1, scene 2)
what are the rumours in denmark? fortinbras of norway plans to invade
at what time does the ghost appear? midnight
what contrast does hamlet use to compare his father with claudius? a hyperion to a beast
what is the king doing? he is at a party and he is drunk
what does hamlet demand of marcellus and horatio? he demands them to swear upon the sword never again to speak of the ghost and to never tell a living soul of it
what vices does polonius tell reynaldo to ask about laertes? drinking, swearing, fist-fighting, gambling and visiting prostitutes
what does polonius say he hopes laertes is doing instead of drinking and gambling? studying music like he should be
is hamlet really going crazy when he accosts ophelia? no its all an act; he is pretending his love for ophelia is driving him mad when in fact he is pretending it is so that no one will expect it when he uncovers the truth about his uncle, polonius.
how does polonius explain away hamlets actions toward ophelia? “the very ecstasy of love” he calls it.he tells her that love is a violent emotion and that is self-destructive, he also says the reason hamlet is mad is because ophelia sent back his letters.
what does polonius rush off to tell claudius? announce that the ambassador has arrived and also to discuss ophelia
what two characters are introduced in scene two? rosencrantz and guildenstern
claudius refers to hamlets changes as his.. transformation
getrrude say about her son; “my too much _____ son” changed
the ambassadors return from norway with what news? that the king of nor ways nephew would no longer attack
what does hamlet call denmark? prison
what names does hamlet call his mother and uncle? mother-auntuncle-father
who does hamlet kill in his mothers bedroom? and who did he think he had killed? hamlet accidentally kills polonius but in the hope that it was in fact his uncle claudius who had been eavesdropping
what is the name of hamlets play? “murder of gonzago”
hamlets tone when speaking to ophelia is.. rude and agressive
what would hamlet have his mother do? stop sleeping with the king.
who does gertrude rush off to see after polonius is killed? her husband, claudius.
what does gertrude compare herself to? the oceans
claudius’ main concern is retaining power
what does hamlet accuse rosencratz and guildenstern of? being sponges that soak up the kings approval, and slaves to the kings praise
claudius sends out what orders to england concerning hamlet? for hamlet to be followed on foot and sent out of the country, to england and have him executed.
what is fortinbras doing when he comes across hamlet, rosencratz and guildenstern? preparing the army to invade poland over a small land dispute
after meeting fortinbras what does hamlet decide to do? achieve his revenge
how does ophelia handle polonius’ death? she goes mad.
what does horatio urge gertrude to do to ophelia? to see her, so that her evil intentions do not turn to evil conclusions
what does hamlets letter say to horatio? he tells him that after two days at sea their shit was hijacked at sea and hamlet was taken in as the only prisoner & now he wants horatio to deliver the other letters to the king and go to see hamlet as soon as possible.
what does claudius not punish hamlet? because he has a great love for gertrude and punishing hamlet might tarnish his relationship with gertrude and could even cause their relationship to come to an end another reason is that the public and all the peasants love hamlet and punishing him would cause more damage to claudius than it would to hamlet.
why are the gravediggers arguing? because they hear ophelia has killed herself
what does hamlet notice about the funeral procession? it seems irregular and suggests suicide
what does hamlet tell horatio about death? its inevitable
how does gertrude die? she drinks hamlets poisoned wine
who rules denmark at the end of the play? fortinbras
2 great leaders that hamlet and horatio discuss alexander the great & julius caesar
funeral rights given to ophelia flowers, bell toll, prayers, she was dressed as a virgin & she was buried in the church cemetery
who suffers the fist wound from the poisoned sword? hamlet
hw does the king die? he is run through with hamlets sword
how does laertes die? he is killed by the poison on his own sword
paradox seems false but may be true
be rattle take over
pleurisy painful inflammation of tissues surrounding the lungs
incontinency inability to control ones self
convocation meeting of clergy
malefactions wicked or immoral actions
pestilent highly contagious and deadly disease
perusal to study with great attention
ostentation pretending to be better than one really is
surmise to imagine something is true without proper evidence
replication systematic repetition
satirical sarcastic writing
switzers palace guards
blench draw back in fear
purport claim something is true
visage face
gallows used for hanging criminals
operant used to produce a desired outcome
drossy sleepiness
orisons prayers
bawd prostitute
requiem mass for the dead
calumny false malicious statement