Hamlet Film Adaptations

How did Olivier approach his version of Hamlet? – Stresses Hamlet’s psychology, particularly his Oedipus Complex.- Eliminates most political meanings; cuts Fortinbras, Voltimand and Cornelius, and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern.-Downplays Hamlet’s concern with honour, fame, reputation- Emphasises Hamlet’s relationship with Gertrude.
How does Mel Gibson’s Hamlet portray Horatio and Hamlet’s relationship? Horatio is portrayed as more distant in his relationship with Hamlet in comparison to other performances.
How does the RSC 2016 production of Hamlet portray Horatio and Hamlet’s relationship? Portrays a more emotional and less masculine HoratioWhen Hamlet dies, he is shown to be deeply distressed and emotional, holding him as he dies.
How does the RSC 2009 production of Hamlet portray Horatio and Hamlet’s relationship? Shows Horatio to be very close to HamletAlthough Horatio is crying, his calm and quiet reaction to Hamlet’s death creates a very intimate and emotional scene.
How does the 1984 Ron Daniels version portray Claudius? Claudius is presented as cold-hearted and insensitive.Shown when the film shows the court before he became King and the court after he did, with it becoming more dictatorial.
How does Patrick Stewart portray Claudius? Stewart presents a more modern interpretation of Claudius by playing him as a strong and charismatic leader, rather than a tyrant.
What theme does the Gregory Dornan version of Hamlet emphasise? Deception, through use of security cameras and a hand held video camera which Hamlet uses to record Claudius’ reaction to the play scene. The viewpoint of these cameras are included in the scenes.
In the 2000 Michael Almereyda version of Hamlet, how is the character of Gertrude portrayed in the closet scene? Gertrude is shown to be stronger and more determined, given her fighting back and slapping Hamlet in the closet scene instead of submitting to him completely.

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