hamlet crossword vocab

to avenge his fathers death or not? to be or not to be dilemma
one theme is the rightness of revenge
alleged cause of king Duncan sudden death snake bite
Hamlets mother; the queen Gertrude
sister to laertes; goes insane Ophelia
revenge his foul and most unnatural murder
the 1603 publication of hamlet cuatro
killing of gods appointed king genocide
Elizabethan world view; life governed by religion theocentric
hamlets best friend horatio
rebel angel who rules hell and takes revenge on gods creations lucifer
actions that a man might-: things are not as they appear play
12th c. writer whose stories influenced Shakespeare saxogrammaticus
hamlets castle in Elsinore Krohborg
Hamlet is- because of his unrealistic ideals disillusioned
guard who see the ghost first Barnardo
university in Germany were hamlet was studying when his father died Whittenberg
era where the play is set Elizabethan
old king, young price of Norway Fortinbras
with Barnardo when ghost appears marcellus
setting of the play Denmark
Hamlets hometown – seaport Elsinore
brother of dead king Duncan; quickly takes the queen Claudius
the great chain of being