Hamlet crossword list

conscience knowledge of right and wrong
The Mousetrap the name of the play within the play, according to Hamlet
Claudius who convinces Laertes how to get revenge against Hamlet?
Ophelia sister to Laertes
stay away from Hamlet Laertes’s advice to his sister
Hecuba the wife of a dramatic character whom Hamlet envies for his ability to feel deeply: “What’s ______ to him, or he to _____ that he should weep for her?”
Fortinbras the new king of Denmark at the end of the play
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern college friends of Hamlet who work for Claudius
Horatio Hamlet’s best friend who survives at the end
to be or not to be the first line of the most famous soliloquy from the play
the conscience of the king what Hamlet will catch by staging The Mousetrap
cowards what conscience makes of us all, according to Hamlet
lisp what women do to attract men, according to Hamlet
slings and arrows how Hamlet describes “outrageous fortune”
undiscover’d country the metaphor for death that Hamlet uses in one of his soliloquy
bare bodkin unsheathed knife
remembrances what Ophelia returns to Hamlet
are you honest? the first question Hamlet asks Ophelia
nunnery where Hamlet tells Ophelia to go
we are arrant knaves, all why Hamlet says Ophelia shouldn’t trust men
poison what Laertes puts on his sword
avenge his murder what the ghost tells Hamlet to do
England where Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are sent with Hamlet by Claudius
Yorick whose skull does Hamlet muse over?
Leave her to heaven what the ghost tells Hamlet to do with Gertrude
nursery rhymes what Ophelia sings as she goes crazy
silence Hamlet’s last word
drowns herself Ophelia’s fate
Gertrude who tells us of Ophelia’s fate?
Norway where the new king of Denmark comes from
comic relief the purpose of the gravedigger’s playful talk with Hamlet
Wittenberg where Hamlet goes to school
hebenon the poison used to kill King Hamlet
bend stubborn knees the words that Claudius commands to himself to get himself to confess his sins
the blood is tame why Hamlet says that Gertrude should be able to control her desire for Claudius
irony Hamlet spares Claudius while he is praying, but Claudius is actually only pretending. What is this an example of?
Shakespeare the playwright of =Hamlet=
soliloquy “to be or not to be” for example
tragedy the type of play that =Hamlet= is
dialogue when Ophelia and Hamlet are talking, for example