Hamlet Critics – Religion

Shakespear writes as if The Reformation hasnt evem happened A.P Nuttall
The feudal Catholic world cannot provide Hamlet with a secure identity or an ideological basis for action Matheson
Wittenburg is famous for the disputations of religion, provoked by Martin Luther Samuel Lewkenor
The ghost represents a widespread fear of being forgotten after death Stephen Greenblatt -ghost
Hamlet is a Protestant man haunted by a Catholic ghost. Stephen Greenblatt – haunted
All duties seem holy for Hamlet Von Goethe
Hamlet is unable to carry out the sacred duty, imposed by divine authority of punishing an evil man by death Bradley – duty
Hamlet is a figure of nihilism Wilson Knight
While Hamlet cannot be called a religious drama, there is both a freer use of religious ideas and a more decided imitation of supreme power Bradley – religious ideas
It is the fear of the unknown country from which no traveller returns, rather than any religious prohibitions which deters Hamlet from his own thoughts of self murder Amy Licence

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