Hamlet critical quotes

Samuel Johnson- not mad he does nothing which might not have done with the reputation of sanity.
William Hazlitt- mad because of thinking too much taken up with the airy world of contemplation
Sigmund Freud- can’t revenge old.H Hamlet is able to do anything-except take vengeance on the man who did away with his father
A.C Bradley- madness… becomes his doom
T.S Eliot- his madness is really… a form of emotional relief
Valerie Traub- male power Male power is restored through such mechanism as cuckold jokes
Graham Holderness- Hamlets nature chameleon nature
Carol Thomas Neely- Ophelia’s madness uses… thematically coherent quoted discourse
Philip Armstrong- mirroring identities the child constructs its fantasy ego according to the upright and coordinated figure in the glass
Philip Armstrong- Hamlet copying Pyrrhus the player vividly foreshadows the moment at which Hamlet, a few scenes later, will stand with his sword poised above his uncle’s head
Lisa Jardine- mother as object (closet scene) the son crosses into the enclosure of her mother’s privacy to encounter her as a sexual object
Alexander- difficulty with revenge The proof of the King’s guilt does not solve Hamlet’s problem. The question remains, how does one deal with such a man, without becoming like him?
Belsley- revenge is not justice Revenge is not justice. It is rather an act of injustice on behalf of justice
John Lennard- complex reveng e Shakespeare deliberately complicates the ABC of revenge
John McRae-hamlet discovering himself (hamlet) has reached equanimity
Lee Edwards- Ophelia’s meaning Ophelia literally has no story without Hamlet
Michael Pennington- polonius and parenthood a bad parent
Gertrude’s guilt- T.S. Eliot Hamlet is a play about dealing with the effects of a mothers guilt upon her son
Claudius’ love for Gertrude- Coleridge he loved Gertrude deeply and genuinly
Ophelia’s downfall- Helena Faucit strong and intelligent woman destroyed by the heartlessness of men
women representing…- David Leverenz women represent everything denied by reasonable men
Claudius as villain Clara Stocklon clearly the antagonist
Claudius not a monster- Amanda Mabillard he is not a monster he is morally weak
Polonius evil- J.H Walter cold hearted devil
Polonius’ morality- Coleridge a man whose moral compass is infinitely wobbly
Ghost’s uncertainty- John dover Wilson we are never perfectly certain as to just who or what the ghost is

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