Hamlet Characters

Denmark where does the play take place?
Hamlet prince of Denmark
Gertrude the Queen, and mother of Hamlet
King Claudius Hamlet’s uncle that marries his mom after his father dies
Ophelia daughter of Polonius, and also Hamlet’s girlfriend
Laertes son of Polonius
Polonius counselor of King Claudius
Reynaldo Polonius’s servant
Horatio Hamlet’s friend (equivalent of nurse in R+J)
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern childhood friends of Hamlet
Francisco, Barnardo, and Marcellus the guards/Danish soldiers
Fortinbras Prince of Norway
Player King, Player Queen, Lucianus actors in the murder of Gonzago
Lucianus nephew of the player king, actor in the Murder of Gonzago
gravedigger sings in the graveyard, contemplates Ophelia’s funeral