Hamlet Character relationships

Claudius Hamlet’s uncle and stepfatherBrother of Old HamletHusband of Gertrude
Hamlet Son of Gertrude and old HamletFriend of HoratioIn love with Ophelia
Gertrude QueenHamlet’s motherWife of Old Hamlet and Claudius
Ghost Old HamletHamlet’s fatherClaudius’s brother
Polonius father of Ophelia and LaertesClaudius’s chief counselor investigating Hamlet’s madness
Horatio Close friend of HamletScholar
Laertes Ophelia’s brotherPolonius’s sonscholar
Ophelia Laertes’s sisterPolonius’s daughterIn love with Hamlet
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Hamlet’s friendsSide with Claudius
Fortinbras Son of old FortinbrasPrince of Norway