Hamlet (character/plot/setting)

Hamlet Hamlet is the late Hamlet Sr.’s son and Gertrude’s son. He studies in Wittenburg. He is ultimately romantically doomed. He is young and beautiful. He is thoughtful, but at times very impulsive.
The Ghost The Ghost is Hamlet Sr. He has come to tell his son of his death and how he needs to be avenged. Hamlet questions whether or not it is his actual father or an evil spirit.
Horatio Horatio is Hamlet’s best friend. He is scholarly, trustworthy and loyal. Horatio helps suspend our disbelief regarding the status of the ghost.
Claudius Claudius is Hamlet’s uncle, late Hamlet’s brother, and Gertrude’s brother-in-law/husband. He is the villain of the play. He is power-hungry and wants to get rid of Hamlet once he starts causing issues.
Gertrude Gertrude is Hamlet’s mother. She is married to Hamlet Sr. but after his death, married his brother Claudius. She might have married Claudius to secure her position as Queen of Denmark, though Hamlet believes that she and Claudius were having an affair.
Polonius Polonius is Ophelia’s and Laertes’ father. He is the royal adviser with a high position in the castle. He talks much, but says rather little.
Laertes Laertes is Ophelia’s brother. He is also Polonius’ son. He is in France for most of the play.
Ophelia Ophelia is sister of Laertes and daughter of Polonius. She is Hamlet’s love interest. She is often conflicted between her filial duty and her love for Hamlet.
Where does the play take place? In Denmark in the castle Elsinore.
What is symbolic about the name of the castle? because sin is in the middle of the word and sin rules in the castle and in Denmark
Summary of plot and purpose of play Shakespeare wrote this inspired by a Danish legend. The play centers around Hamlet, who’s father has just died. He comes home to find his mother has married his uncle, the now king of Denmark. Hamlet then begins seeing the ghost of his father, that asks Hamlet to kill Claudius, to avenge his death. Hamlet becomes conflicted, unsure of which decision to make.