Hamlet Character Chart

King Hamlet deceased King of Denmark, ghost in Act I
Queen Gertrude widow of King Hamlet, married to Claudius
Hamlet son the deceased King of Denmark, Prince of Denmark
Horatio friend of Hamlet
Claudius King of Denmark, brother of dead King Hamlet, new husband of Gertrude
Polonius Chamberlain to Claudius, father of Laertes and Ophelia
Courtiers sycophants to Claudius, include Cornelius, Voltimond, Rosen, Guildenstein, Osric
Old Fortinbras dead King of Norway, slain in battle by dead Hamlet
Old Norway current King of Norway, brother to dead king
Young Fortinbras son of Old Fortinbras, heir to the throne, nephew of Old Norway
Clowns gravediggers