Hamlet Chapter 4 & 5

When does King Claudius plan to launch Hamlet’s ship to England? Why the Hurry? By the end of the day, and bc he wanted to get him killed
What unpleasant task does the King give to Ros. & Guild. Go pick up Pol. Body
Why can’t Claud. Just announce to everyone that Ham. Killed Pol, and have him put on trial? Bc the ppl love Ham.
At the beginning of the scene, what’s ironic about Claud. criticism of the Danish ppl? “Man should be judged on crimes he committed” when he committed crimes himself
According to Hamlet, why does he thinks worms are the most powerful when it comes to the food chain? Because we get fat off of animals and when we die they eat us and get fat off of us
When Claudius ask Hamlet about the location of Polonius body, Ham. Says that Pol. Is in “heaven. Send hither to see. If your messenger find him not there, seek him i’ th’ other place yourself.” What is Ham. really saying to Clad. here? That he can go to hell
Why does Ham. call Claud. “mother” instead of “father?” Messing with him
Look at the last passage in this scene. Claudius has written a letter to the king of England. What is Claudius command? to kill Ham.
What is hamlets opinion of the battle about to be struck between Fortinbrasyand the Polish soldiers over an undesirable stretch of land? Pointless and Ridiculous shows him that if they are willing to risk the people lives over nothing then why can’t he kill one man over something that is significant
Describe Ophelia’s recent odd behavior Singing about love and death
Queen Gertrude doesn’t want to see Ophelia, but relents why My turn people against the Royal couple
What are the two subjects of the songs Ophelia sings for Gertrude Claudius? What does Claudius think has cause her mental illness what do you think has also contributed to her pain Love and death
Explain how the reactions of Ophelia and Laertes to the fathers murder are used to mirror and amplify hamlets reaction to King Hamlet murder Hamlet is slow and thinks. Laertes is ready. Ophelia crazy
Explain what happened while Hamlet was at sea sailing to England Hamlet ship was attacked now he is a prisoner
Why Claudius didn’t take action against him sooner what are the two reasons that Claudius gives to explain his inaction in punishing Hamlet Wife and the people
Laertes is well known for having a skill and the particular sport. What is it? How will this factor into Claudius plan to have hamlet killed and make it look like an accident? Fencing and buy them play each other
What is the back up plan to ensure hamlet dies Drink poison
What’s interesting about Claudius preferred method of killing people what is that show about him He is a weak
What lie does Claudius tell Gertrude that the end of this scene? What idea does this reinforce? He was really plotting
At the beginning of the scene two “clowns,” or gravediggers, Are talking about Ophelia’s death. Why is one of the gravediggers irritated that Ophelia will be given a Christian burial in the graveyard? Because she killed herself
In Your own words retell one of the jokes or one of the puns told by the gravediggers Adam having a coat of arms and having arms
Why would Shakespeare open the final act of this tragedy wit why would Shakespeare open the final act of this tragedy with The comic banter between the gravediggers and Hamlet? To lighten the mood
In criticizing the elite class, hamlet says, “The hand of little employment hath the daintier sense.” What does he mean? People who don’t work can’t be sensitive, wealth can only be sensitive
Find Shakespeare’s joke about his fellow Englishman. Paraphrase the passage that likely would have made his Elizabethan age chuckle He says all Englishman are crazy
according to the text how old is Hamlet? Does this sound right to you? Based on what you know about hamlets and his family, how old do you think he is? Explain your reasoning. 30 we thought he was college-age
Who was Yorick? To Hamlet how was this man just the same as Alexander the great Hamlets best friend
List for things Hamlet says he’s willing to do to prove that his love for Ophelia was stronger than Laertes love? Cut himself, cry, drink vinegar, and fight
Do You think Hamlet really loved Ophelia Yes because he was willing to die for her
What point does Gertrude realize Claudius treachery When she is dying from drinking poison
What is Laertes dying request of Hamlet Forgiveness
What is Hamlets dying request of Horatio He lives tell a story
Why do you suppose Hamlet holds so much respect for Fortinbras Because he is everything to that Hamlet isnt
How many characters die in this play 9