Hamlet AP Questions #3

Laertes says that to be calm would show that he is not a legitimate son
The most likely subject of the verb “acts” is person
“both of the worlds” most likely refers to the worlds of this life and the next
the word “husband” could most accurately be restated as conserve
the most likely meaning lines of 64-65 is that Ophelia’s wits have died with Polonius
It is evident that Laertes believes all of the following about Ophelia in her madness EXCEPT that she is wiser than she was before she went mad
The king’s vow to help Laertes is most ironic in light of the king’s role in his own brother’s murder
the message Hamlet want “Yorick” to give “my lady” is that despite her efforts to preserve her beauty, she will finally look like Yorick
Hamlet’s words in lines 24-27 are an example of deductive reasoning
“that earth” refers to Caesar
The reference to Ophelia’s death as “doubtful” most likely means that there was some question about whether she had drowned accidentally
the word “for” is best understood to mean instead of
Hamlet resents Laertes because Laertes:1. implies that he loved Ophelia more than Hamlet did2. blames Hamlet for Ophelia’s death3. employs hyperbolic and histrionic language 1 and 2
the tone of hamlet’s words in lines 120-121 is philosophical
the king’s first speech contains examples of all of the following except hyperbole
in lines 42-43, hamlet implies that laertes has been holding back in their fight
“springe” most likely means trap
the queen’s words “no,no” indicate that the kind isn’t being truthful
laertes’ words in line 80 could best be paraphrased as you did not cause our deaths
in context, it can be inferred that “an antique roman” would kill himself on such an occasion
from lines 95-102, it is clear that hamlet wants horatio to protect the reputation of hamlet himself
in this passage, laertes is presented as all of the following EXCEPT calculating
an example of personification is line 87