Hamlet AO3

Mack Hamlet’s world is a world full of riddles
Kott The genius of Hamlet consists, perhaps, in the fact that the play can serve as a mirror
L.C. Knights Death is presented as a relaxing of tension and abandonment of the struggle
Unknown, Laertes Laertes is not a whiff of fresh air. He is a hurricane.
John Dover Wilson The ghost is the linchpin of Hamlet; remove it and the play falls to pieces.
D.J. Snider To destroy an insane man for his deed would not merely be an absurdity but a moral horror
Professor Knight The sickness of his soul only further infects the state.
A.W. Von Schlegel He is too much overwhelmed with his own sorrow to have any compassion to spare for others.
John Russell Though Gertrude is still the wife of Claudius, she is no longer physically or sexually in union with him. She has consented to rejoin Hamlet in the paternal triangle, thus re-establishing the family configuration in its original form.
Haloway It’s less a political tragedy, and much more a domestic one.
Branagh Film 1996 Branagh film motif of mirrors emphasises the surveillance society
Bell Hamlet’s transformation into an avenger requires him to surrender, as much as he can, his character as a lover.

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