Hamlet acts 3-

What 3 compliments does Hamlet give to his friends Horatio? Good friend, not passionate, reasonable
What does Hamlet tell Horatio to do during the play? To watch Clauduis and his reaction to the play. If he had a reaction then they knew he killed King Hamlet if there was not a reaction he did not kill King Hamlet
How does Hamlet talk sexual to Ophelia? Hamlet asks to lay in her lap
What is seen in the “dumb show” described? The murder of King Hamlet
Title of the play? what is it about? Title-“mousetrap” it is about the murder done in Vienna
Explain the irony “Your majesty and we that have free souls, it touches us not.” Hamlet tells the king they are innocent and haven’t committed murder but Claudius has and no one knows but Claudius and Hamlet.
What causes the king to rise and the play to end? Claudius feels uncomfortable knowing he killed King Hamlet and he watches the play where it is a reenactment of the murder he committed.
What does Hamlet indicate in his soliloquy in lines 419-424? Hamlet is ready to seek revenge against his uncle, Claudius, for the murder of his father.
How does Hamlet plan to act when he talks with his mother? Explain his conflicted feelings. He is going to punish his mom by being mean with words.
What does the King order R&G to do? How so the two respond to his wishes? Claudius order R&G to take Hamlet to England. They will prepare themselves with fear and prayer.
Polonius tells the King that Hamlet is going to his mother to talk. Polonius listens on the conversation between Hamlet and his mother and report back to Clauduis. When Polonius leaves what does Claudius say while he is alone? Claudius revevals his remorse for killing his brother and he tries to pray
Why doesn’t Hamlet kill Claudius when he had the chance when the king was alone? What does this tell us about Hamlet? When does Hamlet decide to kill him? Why does he put off the murder? Hamlet thinks that if he kills the King while he is praying the king will go to heaven. This tells us that Hamlet is thinking about the consequences he will have if he kills the king while he is praying. When Claudius commits a sin then Hamlet will kill him. Hamlet puts the murder off bc he wants Claudius to go to Hell.
How does Hamlet verbally attack Gertrude (mother)? Hamlet tells his mother that she offended King Hamlet by marrying Claudius
Why does Hamlet kill Polonius he believed Claudius was behind the arras
What is Hamlet’s reaction to killing Polonius by mistake? How remorseful does Hamlet appear? Hamlet doesn’t realize he killed Polonius. Compares the murder of Polonius just as bad as Gertrude marrying Claudius.
Gertrude says, “What have I done, that thou darest wag thy tongue/ In noise so ride against me?” how does he respond? Hamlet calls Gertrude a hypoxrite for marrying Claudius and she made a marriage vow and didn’t keep that vow to King Hamlet.
Does Gertrude know Clauduis murdered King Hamlet? No she confused
How does Hamlet compare King Hamlet and Claudius to his mother? King Hamlet: like a god, positive overviewClauduis: devil., rottenman
What question does Hamlet ask his mother (line 91) and her reaction “Why isn’t she blushing because of this shame?” Hamlet doesn’t understand why she does not have shame. (thinks she is involved w murder of father) Her reaction is she realizes how bad she is
The ghost reappears. What does he say to Hamlet? why does he stop the conversation with Gertrude? He minds Hamlet his purpose to seek revenge on Claudius. Ghost goes away bc Hamlet is supposed to be going after Claudius not Gertrude
Gertrude tells Hamlet he is going mad when she says, “This the very coinage of your brain/ This bodiless creation ecstasy/ Is very cunning.” a) How does Hamlet try to prove to his mother that he is not insane?b) What does Hamlet instruct his mother to do c) What does Hamlet ask Gertrude NOT to do a) Hamlet tells his mother he has been pretending to be mad. He tells her don’t to refuse that her sin has affected his behavior b) confess to heaven c) not to go to bed with Claudius, not tell king that he has been pretending to be mad
What does Hamlet say when he points to Polonius’s body He’s sorry but Polonius deserved it; the heavens have punished him with this
According to Hamlet, what should his mother avoid when she next sees the king Don’t let Claudius tempt her into telling him why Hamlet has gone mad
After Hamlet reminds his mother that he is to be sent off to England, what does he say about R&G? They have a letter and it says a command and Hamlet says he won’t trust them like poisonous snakes.
Turning point of Hamlet (the play) Act 3- Polonius’s death; Hamlet’s first act, stabbed Polonius thinking it was Claudius, he stabs him without thinking about his consequences
Act 4 .
What news does Gertrude bring to Claudius Gertrude tells Claudius about Polonius’s death
What job does the king give R&G? to find Hamlet and recover Polonius’s body
Hamlet does not respect or trust his old friends, R&G. How does he make this clear? He doesn’t tell them where the body is
Why should England have “love” for Denmark? What is the recent history between these 2 nations? Denmark has an upperhand and Denmark defeated England.
What royal order does Claudius give to the English king? Hamlet’s death
Explain what Hamlet means “For like the hectic….will ne’er begin” He makes blood rage and Claudius won’t have joy until he dies
Where is the Norwegian army (led by young Fortinbras) headed? Poland
In what way does seeing this army motivate Hamlet? Seeing the army ready to fight in something they believe in motivates him to do the same
Explain the question hamlet asks. Explain his answer question: If all you do is sleep and eat what kind of man are you? Answer: a beast no more
What does Ophelia do that shows Gertrude and Claudius that she is mad? She sings about death and betrayal. There is method in her madness about the things that happened to her
What does Ophelia admit She slept with Hamlet
What does the king say about Ophelia she is grieving the loss of her father and she can’t handle all her sorrows at one time ” when sorrow’s come…spies”
Why does Laertes burst in and interrupt the King and Queen? He thinks the king killed his father
What vow does Laertes make “to this point.. my father” No matter what happens he’s going to avenge father’s death.
When is Claudius’s response to these word he is guiltless
What discovery fuels Laertes’s anger Ophelia has gone mad
What agreement do Claudius and Laertes make? “let this be so.. in question” The way england would kill Hamlet is headed
What is the first instruction Hamlet gives Horatio in the letter Let the sailor see the King because they have letters
What event does Hamlet summarize Pirates attacked the boat he was on with R&G and Hamlet go onto the boat with the pirates. And R&G are on the boat going to England
What other instruction does Hamlet give to Horatio setting up meeting with Horatio,
What does Hamlet tell Horatio about R&G They are on a boat to England
2 reasons Claudius decided not to punish Hamlet 1. Queen Gertrude loves Hamlet so much the she didn’t want to see him punished 2. People of Denmark have high opinion of Hamlet, they don’t want to see him executed
What question does Clauduis ask Laertes and what is his answer? Claudius asks Laertes if he loved his father to kindle Laertes anger and feelings of revenge Claudius has a job for Laertes
Summarize the letter Claudius receives from Hamlet Hamlet will be home next day and will see Claudius. He will come “naked” or without armed so he poses no danger to king. Claudius is shocked that Hamlet didn’t go to England and hasn’t been killed
Plan discussed by Claudius -King sets up fencing contest between Laertes and Hamlet, invite people to make bets on who will win- King suggest that during the sword changes, Laertes substitutes a real sword so that he can kill Hamlet with it and avenge his father’s death
Explain how Laertes adds to this plan changes the plan; he has access to dangerous poison- dip sword into poison so that if Laertes scratches Hamlet he will die
What is the backup plan that the king suggests poison in cup
What news does the Queen bring ti Laertes and Claudius Ophelia drowned
What actually happened to Ophelia She was picking flowers to braid together and leaned over a creek to reach for flower and fell into creek. She was held up at first by her heavy clothes but instead of pulling herself out she floats along allowing her clothes to become soaked with water, pulling her beneath surface. Her death was ruled a suicide
Hamlet has “turned the tables” on R&G. What does that mean? WHat has happened to them? mean give to them what you were supposed to get. R&G are on their way to England with letter. The letter that goes to King of England now says to kill R&G.
What does Osric ask Hamlet to do for the king and what is Hamlet’s response asks to do a fencing contest and Hamlet says he has been practicing
What happens to Gertrude at fencing contest? Drinks from poison cup
Who is the first to get wounded and why is it deadly Hamlet is cut by Laertes and it is deadly bc the sword has poison on it
Hamlet wounded Laertes. Explain why this fact is important. While fighting they switch swords so now Hamlet has the sword that has poison on it and that is the sword that Hamlet wounded Laertes with
Before Laertes dies what does he do calls the king out and explains how all of this is his fault and it is not Hamlet’s fault
What does Hamlet do as both Gertrude and Laertes are dying? kill Claudius with sword. To make him suffer like his mother and father he make Clauduis drink the poison
What favor does Hamlet ask of Horatio before he dies To tell the story and explain why Hamlet was crazy and killed Polonius; Hamlet talks Horatio out of suicide
Before Hamlet dies what does he say about Fortinbras of Norway He should rule over Denmark
Who restores order at the end of Hamlet? Fortinbras
Who is the king of Denmark at the end of Hamlet Fortinbras
In what way is Hamlet honored at the end of the play He has an honorable funeral and is given respect