Hamlet acts 2-4

Why does Polonius send Reynaldo to Paris? spy on Laertes
how does hamlet look when he encounters Ophelia? shocked, pale, messed up
what does the king, queen and polonius think is the cause of Hamlet madness? K: dad’s death, Q: dad’s death& marriage, p: love sick for Ophelia.
in Hamlet’s letter to Ophelia, what line does he put in to scare Claudius? “Doubt truth to be a liar”
what does Polonius risk when he’s positive of the cause of Hamlet’s madness? his life
what does Hamlet plan on having the actors do in the play to be performed? Why? act out his fathers death& to watch his reaction suicide.
what is Hamlet contemplating in his solilque? what scares him? not going to heaven, dreams
what does Ophelia give back to hamlet? necklace
where does Hamlet tell Ophelia to go? nunnery
where does Claudius plan on sending Hamlet? England
what is Polonius’ plan with Hamlet after the play? spy on him as he speaks with the queen
who says this and what does it mean? Madness is great ones not unwatched go? Claudius/ watch Hamlet
why can’t Claudius repent? won’t give up crown/ wife
when Hamlet is yelling at the queen, who are the two people he compares? Claudius/ King Hamlet on lockets
how did Polonius die? stab thru tapestry.
why does the ghost reappear? how does the queen react? reminds Hamlet to not hurt queen. she can’t see so she thinks he’s mad
what instructions does hamlet give his mother? don’t let him (king Claudius) temp you to bed.
what does Hamlet mean when he says that Polonius is at supper? eaten by worms/dead
what does Hamlet call Claudius? mother/women
what are the instructions Claudius gives England? Kill Hamlet
What does Hamlet realize when he sees Fortinbras’ army willing to die over a small patch of land? They are fighting for their country and he does nothing to Claudius
Who goes crazy after polonius death? Who wants vengeance? Ophelia is crazy, Latetes wants vengeance.
What 2 reasons Claudius gives Laertes for not killing Hamlet? The queen, the people love hamlet
What does Laertes say he’s willing to do? Where? He’s going to stub him in the church
What is Laertes plan for the dual?what is Claudius back up plan? L: sword has poison on it.C: he has a goblet with poison in it
What happens to Ophelia? She drowns from her dress pulling her down in a brook

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