Hamlet Act lll

What does the King reveal in his aside? He is guilty and it is getting to him
Describe Polonius’ plan in getting Hamlet to meet Ophelia? Ophelia will be walking and reading when she will meet with Hamlet
What is Hamlet’s purpose in asking Ophelia where her father is? to see if she will tell the truth
How has Ophelia betrayed Hamlet so far? by lying to him. she is playing a part in Claudius and Polonius’ scheme to spy on Hamlet
Hamlet- “Get thee to a nunnery” What’s his point? what is his view of men? of women? He wants to remove himself from the corruption of man. He thinks men are evil and women are weak
Describe Hamlet in Ophelia’s eyes. Does she suspect him of faking madness? He used to be a model of humanity. she does not suspect him of faking insanity and she wishes she had not seen or heard any of it
Why does the king propose to send Hamlet to England? He suspects that Hamlet is faking his madness. he doesn’t trust Hamlet and wants him away from Denmark
compare Hamlet’s relationship with Horatio to his relationship with Rosencrantz and Guildenstern he trusts and confides in Horatio. He does not trust R & G
Does Horatio know that the ghost accused Claudius? How will Horatio help during the play? Yes, Hamlet has told him. Horation will also watch the King’s reaction
Describe the actor’s performance. Is the king the only one at whom Hamlet’s bitterness is directed? No, Hamlet also writes parts directed to his mother’s lack of loyalty. He learns that the ghost was telling the truth
How does Hamlet react to Guildenstern’s questioning? What does he mean when he says “you would play me?” He starts acting crazy again. he is trying to “play” Hamlet for a fool. trying to trick him
After the play, the king decides to send Hamlet to Englan. WHat does he say is the reason? who will accompany him? R & G
How do Hamlet’s friends rationalize their betrayal of Hamlet? They are duty bound to protect the king and people of Denmark
Why does Polonius plan to hide behind the tapestry in Gertrude’s chamber? to eavesdrop on her talk with Hamlet
What is the king’s moral dilemma? He wants to pray for forgiveness but doesnt want to give up what he’s already started
Hamlet sees the king on his knees. why is this considered the climax? It is the moment of truth. The moment Hamlet could get his revenge
What stops Hamlet from getting his revenge? He does not want to kill the king while he is praying. he would go to heaven
What is ironic about this climatic scene? Claudius needs to pray for forgiveness but is unable to
who is the rat whom Hamlet kills? Polonius hiding behind the tapestry
Why can we argue that Gertrude was not in on the plot to kill the king? She is shocked, really shocked at the suggestion
How does Hamlet exaggerate the old king’s goodness and the new king’s unworthiness? He compared his father to gods- He compares his uncle to a mildewed ear of corn
How does Hamlet hold a mirror to Gertrude’s soul? He tells the truth
Who interrupts Hamlet’s scoldings of his mother? The ghost of Old King hamlet
Why has the visitor come? Is gertrude aware of the ghost? No. he came to remind Hamlet of his true purpose and not to harm his mother
Hamlet tells Gertrude that her guilt will eat her from the inside. This relates best to which theme? appearance vs. reality, corruption, frailty of women
In his speech, Hamlet advises Gertrude to repent. He tells her to keep the better half of her broken heart and live purely. He says “I must be cruel in order to be kind” explain the truth hurts- tough love
Hamlet is to go to England. How do we know he doesnt trust R & G? He knows of the treacherous scheme to get ride of him. he will turn it on them. he refers to them as prisoners snakes