Hamlet Act IV Scene 7

Claudius tells Laertes there are 2 reasons why he has not ordered Hamlet killed. What are those reasons? Because Gertrude and the people love him
Claudius suggests a duel between Laertes and Hamlet, but that type of duel usually is not deadly. What does Claudius suggest they do to injure Hamlet? They will use a sharp sword instead of the dull fencing sword
Laertes comes up with another idea to make sure his duel with Hamlet will result in Hamlet’s death. What is it? poison the tip of the sword
What additional method does Claudius suggest so that even if Hamlet wins the duel with Laertes, Hamlet will still die? Laertes will offer him a congratulatory drink that will have poison
As Laertes and Claudius discuss how to kill Hamlet, what news does Gertrude bring? Ophelia has drowned herself
How does Claudius feel that Laertes will react to the news of Ophelia’s death? afraid of anger