Hamlet Act IV Quizzes

What does Gertrude fail to report to Claudius about what happened when Hamlet killed Polonius? that Hamlet thought it was Claudius
When questioned by Rosencrantz and Guildenstern about the locaiton of Polonius’ dead body, to what does Hamlet compare Rosencrantz? a sponge
Why does Claudius say that he cannot “put the strong law on [Hamlet]”? because the people of Denmark love him and judge him based on appearance rather than reason
When questioned by Claudius about the location of Polonius’ body , Hamlet offers three different answers. Where does he say the body is at supper, in heaven, in the lobby
In his short soliloquy at the end of scene 3, what does Claudius reveal he is asking England to do with Hamlet? kill him
In his short soliloquy at the end of scene 3, what does Claudius compare Hamlet? fever in his blood
According to Fortinbras’ captain, how much is the Polish land worth that Norway is going to war over? 5 ducats
At the beginning of his 7th soliloquy, why does Hamlet compare himself to a “beast”? Because he only “eats and sleeps”
Hamlet says, “Rightly to be great / Is not stir without great argument, / But greatly to find quarrel in a straw / When ____ at stake.” honor
At the beginning of scene 5, Horatio, Gertrude, and a gentleman of the court discuss Ophelia. What has happened to her? she has gone mad
Ophelia sings a song about St. Valentine’s Day. About whom does she seem to sing? Hamlet
According to Claudius, what is the cause of Ophelia’s ailment? grief
What do the “rabble” want Laertes to be? Lord
Ophelia hands out flowers and herbs. What is rosemary for? Pansies? rosemaries=remembering; pansies=thoughts
Ophelia gives herself only one of the flowers/herbs. Which one? rue
Flower that symbolizes deceit and flattery? fennel
Flower that symbolizes lying? daisy
Besides the manner of Polonius’ death, what else is Laertes incensed about regarding his father? that he did not receive a proper burial
On his way to England, who takes Hamlet prisoner? pirates
When Laertes asks why Claudius has not proceeded against Hamlet’s criminal acts, what TWO reasons does he give? Queen loves her son and he doesn’t want to hurt the queen & the public love him
What 2 things will the King and Laertes do to the rapier Laertes will use in the fencing match against Hamlet? make it sharp & add poison
From whom does Claudius receive a disturbing letter? Hamlet
According to Gertrude, what happened to Ophelia? she drowned
What specific action is Laertes willing to take “to show indeed [he is his] father’s son?” (“No place indeed should murder sanctuarize.”) kill Hamlet in a church