Hamlet Act III

How much have Rosencrantz and Guildenstern learned from/about Hamlet? Not much, just that he is confused
Finally the planed meeting between hamlet and Ophelia is arranged, spies and all. What does Polonius give Ophelia to read? A prayer book
What response does hi remark from Claudius? Why is this speech of Claudius’ important? What do we learn that we have not learned before? Claudius talks about how he feel guilt, he feels. Guilty when others speak of God, he is disguising himself and feels a terrible guilt
How is Hamlets fourth soliloquy different from the first three? Think about the way Hamle’s mind works within the first two—is the same thing happening here? He is completing subside, the first three are about other’s actions or feelings, this is about him and his cowardness
What is the main idea of the fourth soliloquy? Contemplating suicide, compares death to little sleep, but may have to dream, bad dreams
What happens between Hamlet and Ophelia in the “Nunnery scene”? Does Hamlet know that he’s being watched? Does he determine that during the scene? Ophelia tris to give back the letters, but he wont accept them, tells her to find a convent. He doesn’t know he’s being watched at first, but you can tell when he does when she suddenly changes the topic from women and man kind, but suddenly changes to asking about where her father is
Who is the one referred to in “all but one”? The king (his uncle) and his mother
How does Claudius respond to what he has seen and heard? Is he convinced that love is the cause of Hamlet’s madness? What does he plan to do about Hamlet? Surprised and startled, love is not the reason for hamlet’s madness, he plays to send Hamlet to England to get the money they owe them
How does Polonius respond? Is he billing to give up his “love” answer? What does he propose as an additional way to find out what Hamlet is thinking? Are you surprised that it included spying? Polonius believes it’s a good plan, but still thinks love is the reason, Polonius says before they send him to England they should have Hamlet and him mother talk to each other to see if he tells her why he’s acting crazy while he will spy to listen in, not a surprise
What advice does hamlet have for the actors? Why? Act natural, not to overdo it, to be as real as possible
Why does Hamlet say he especially like Horatio? Does Hamlet see Horatio as similar to him or different from him? Horatio takes everything life hands him with all acceptance, grateful for both good ad bad, Hamlet sees Horatio as different
How much time has elapsed between act 1 and act ? 2 months between the two acts, but months in total have passed
How does the play-within-the-play reflect the issues bothering Hamlet? The actors act out the possible murder of his father, art imitating life, mirroring reality of Claudius and Gertrude
What is Claudius’ mood as he stops the play? How does Hamlet respond? Claudius is upset, angry and flustered. Hamlet asked if he is scared of a false gun
If hamlet has learned that Claudius is indeed guilty, Claudius has also learned something from the play, what is that? That Hamlet knows
What message do Rosencrantz and Guildenstern have for Hamlet? That Hamlet’s mother wants to speak with him, not unexpected
How is Hamlet’s fifth soliloquy different from the other soliloquies? What is the mood of the soliloquy? How do you react to it? What is happening to Hamlet? He states he could perform evil acts, he needs to see his mother he will be sharp but not hurt her wants to be heard, harsh, anger
What has Claudius decided to do with Hamlet? Who will go with him? What “theoretical” message about kingship does Rosencrantz tell to Claudius? Send him to England, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern will go with him, Rosencrantz tells Claudius that public figures demand more attention, when great leaders die they drag others with them
Where is Polonius going? Behind the tapestry in Hamlet’s mothers room to spy on them
What does Claudius admit in his attempt to pray? Has the pay actually had an effect on him? Why cant he ask for forgiveness? Claudius admits he kilted his brother, the play hasn’t had an effect on him entirely, his guilt is stronger than his intentions, he is reaping for rewards for the murder; the crown and the queen
What happens when Hamlet enters? Why doesn’t Hamlet kill Claudius then? What is ironic about hamlet’s decision? About to kill Claudius, he doesn’t kill him because he would be doing him a favor, but in reality Claudius isn’t truly confessing his sins
How successful I the first part of the interview between Gertrude and Hamlet? What goes wrong? Who controls the conversation? Why does Gertrude call for help? Not at all, hamlet becomes upset, Hamlet controls the conversation, hamlet pulls out a sword thinking he’ll kill her
Does Gertrude know that Claudius killed Hamlet’s father? She is surprised by the accusation, she a weak person
What device does Hamlet he to force Gertrude to consider what she has done? Father and uncle portrait
Why does the Ghost appear at this point? How is his appearance different from his appearance in Act 1? Who saw him then? Who sees him now?what is his message? To sharpen Hamlet’s appeal for revenge, dressed as he was when he was alive, imagination works strongest in those with the easiest bodies
After the ghost leaves, do Hamlet succeed in what he came to do? What is Gertrude’s state where he leaves? What should she do, and what should she not do? If he came to make her feel bad, then yes. Her heart is broken, upset and desperate. She should trust hamlet and not tell Claudius
What does Hamlet think of his upcoming trip to England? What doe she expect to do? He feels he must go but doesn’t have a choice, believes the two friends will lead him to mischief, he’ll get rid of them too