Hamlet Act II Scene ii

Claudius and Gertrude *send for Guildenstern and Rosencrantz (Hamlet’s friends) to spy on him* they summoned his friends to Elsinore in the hope that they might be able to cheer Hamlet out of his melancholy, or at least discover the cause of it.
Polonius enters with Voltimand and Cornelius * they tell Claudius that the King of Norway saw the letters and stopped his nephew Fortinbras from attacking Denmark.*In return he asks Claudius if they can peacefully pass through to get to Poland.
Polonius tells Claudius about the letters Hamlet sent to Ophelia *Polonius says he’s crazy because she has rejected him; says Hamlet is crazy in love with her.*Polonius and Claudius plot to see what is really going on with Ophelia and Hamlet*Hamlet reads alone in the lobby, they will send for Ophelia to meet up with him to see how he acts with her; meanwhile they will be secretely watching. (pg. 93)
Polonius attempts to talk with Hamlet *Hamlet appears insane; he calls the old man a “fishmonger” which is an insult*Hamlet tells Polonius not to let him out of his sight because he will get her pregnant.*Polonius begins to think Hamlet is up to something (line 223)
Guildenstern and Rosencrantz enter and try to talk with Hamlet *Hamlet questions why there are there and admits to them he feels trapped in Denmark* Hamlet tries to figure out if they are there for him or if they are there because Claudius and Gertrude asked them to check on Hamlet; he admits to them he’s been very depressed.*Hamlet finally admits to his friends that he is pretending to be crazy (lines 403-403)
Troops of Players (Actors) *Rosencrantz tells Hamlet they passed the troop of players on the way to the castle; they are kid actors; tells Hamlet to shape up because they will be there soon.*Hamlet wants to know everything about the players; he is trying to find out if he can use the actors as part of his plan for revenge agains Claudius*Hamlet tests the actors to see if they can reenact the murder Claudius committed against his father.
Hamlet’s plot/plan for revenge (pg 109) *Hamlet writes the speech for the actor to recite in front of Claudius and Gertrude*Hamlet wants to see Claudius’s reaction to the actor’s presentation.*Hamlet wishes he has the nerve to just kill Claudius but can’t, he is using this actor to spark a reaction from Claudius; his reaction will help Hamlet decide to kill him or not (he needs a reason to kill)*he’s a thinker and doesn’t want to react too quickly