Hamlet Act II Quiz

Where does Polonius send Reynaldo? To France to spy on Laertes
Who is Fortinbras planning to attack now that he cannot attack Denmark? The Poles
Where was Ophelia when she has an odd encounter with Hamlet? Her sewing room
How does Hamlet look when he enters the room? Disheveled and unkept
How does Hamlet act with Ophelia? He grabs her, looks at her, and then leaves without taking his eyes from her
According to Polonius, why is Hamlet mad? He believes Hamlet is reacting to Ophelia’s rejection.
Why have Rosencrantz and Guildenstern come to the castle? They have come to entertain Hamlet, discover why he is acting strange and report back to Claudius
What do Claudius and Gertrude believe is making Hamlet crazy? The death of his father and their marriage
What is Polonius’ plan for testing his theory about Hamlet’s madness? He is going to arrange a meeting between Hamlet and Ophelia while he eavesdrops
Who comes to the castle and becomes part of Hamlet’s deceit? Players (actors)
What is the name of the play Hamlet asks the players to perform? The Murder of Gonzago
What arrangement does Hamlet make with Player 1? He arranges to have several of his own lines put into the play
In his final soliloquy of the act, what does Hamlet call himself? A coward
What is the famous line of the act? The plays the thing wherein I’ll catch the conscience of the king