Hamlet Act II

You must not put another scandal on him… Of general assault Polonius to Reynaldo. Don’t make him seem horrible, just comment on his faults slightly, make him seem like too much of a free spirit
He took me by the wrist and held me hard… He falls to such perusal of my face Ophelia to Polonius. He grabbed my wrist and held me an arm’s length away and observed me with one hand over his forehead
But we both obey… To be commanded Guildenstern to the King and Queen. We will obey you, our services are entirely under your command.
I doubt it is no other but the main, His father’s death and our o’erhasty marriage Queen to King. I think it is the obvious reason, that his father died and we married quick
Makes vow before his uncle never more, To give th’assay of arms against your majesty Valtemand to Polonius, King and Queen. He swore to never threaten your kingdom again
More matter with less art Queen Gertrude to Polonius. Stick to the point
Excellent well, you are a fishmonger Hamlet to Polonius. Of course, you sell fish.
Though this be madness, yet there is method in’t Polonius to himself. There is method to his madness
You cannot take from me sir anything… except my life Hamlet to Polonius. You can’t take anything from me that I couldn’t care less about, except my life
Why then ’tis none to you… to me it is a prison Hamlet to Rosencrantz. It isn’t anything to you, nothing is good or bad, it’s just how people see it and to me, Denmark is prision
What is this quintessence of dust? Hamlet to Rosencrantz. Are we anything more than dust?
That great baby you see there is not yet out of his swaddling clouts Hamlet to Rosencrantz and Polonius. This big baby is still in diapers
And never did the Cyclops hammers fall… Now falls on Priam First Player. Cyclops making armor was never as merciless at Pyrrhus is to Priam
What’s Hecuba to him, or he to Hecuba Hamlet to himself. What does Hecuba mean to him or what does he mean to Hecuba
The play’s the thing, wherein I’ll catch the conscience of the King Hamlet to himself. The play is what will prove the king to be good or bad