Hamlet: Act II

At the opening of this scene, to where is Polonius sending Reynaldo and why is he sending him there? He is sending Reynaldo to Paris to give Laertes a few letters and money. He also wasn’t him to get information about the people in Paris, to see if Laertes has been misbehaving.
By what trick is Reynaldo supposed to get information about Laertes? He’s supposed to tell subtle lies about him so that if people agree he know it’s true.
What does this reveal about Polonius’s character? This shows that Polonius is caring in a way, intelligent and sneaky.
How does Ophelia describe Hamlet’s appearance to her? She says that when he came into her room he looked like he’d just came back from hell. Most of his clothes was gone and he just stared at her.
What is Polonius’s conclusion about Hamlet? He concludes that Hamlet really does love Ophelia and he wasn’t just toying her.
What is humorously ironic about Polonius saying, “Brevity is the soul of wit”? It is because he keeps saying how he’s going to be brief but he keeps saying so much he loses the point which is, Hamlet is crazy in love.
What causes Hamlet to exclaim, “O, what a rogue and peasant slave am I!”? I think it was because of the interaction he had with the actors sents by the King and Queen. He saw how easily they could makeup feelings for nothing.
In the passage beginning with line 563, what plan does Hamlet devise? He wants the actors to perform something like his father’s murder in front of his uncle. When they do he’ll watch him to see if he does anything out of the ordinary he shall kill him.
Appurtenance Accessory
Arras Wall hanging; usually to hide an alcove
Brevity Briefness
Carrion Decaying flesh of a dead animal
Clouts Cloth or clothing
Coagulate Thicken
Discretion Careful choice
Expostulate Express disapproval
Fain Gladly; willingly
Forgeries Fake copies
Inclination Tendency
Induct Charge; accuse
Levies Enlistment of men as soldiers
Lunaccy Insanity
Malefactions Crimes; evil deeds
Melancholy Sadness with no apparent cause
Paragon Model; perfect example
Perusal Examination
Pestilent Poisonous
Pregnant Meaningful
Promontory Cliff
Rebuke A scolding
Satirical Ironic; mocking
Sovereign Of supreme power or authority
Sumirse Guess; infer
Vile Wicked; unpleasant
Visage Face

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